Current French Journalism

After a lull in our reading of French journalism, we make a return with something quite difficult. Look at the French original for videos.

Alternate sessions we usually look at some French journalism. About half of these consist of a piece of writing from the French press — almost always the daily Libération. As well as having the French text, we also supply a Google translation in order to reduce the amount of looking up in the dictionary.

On some other journalism sessions we listen to a French news broadcast provided by Radio France Internationale. This website has a link to the audio, and to the script. You can load the audio onto your own computer by use of the right mouse button and selecting Save.

We also sometimes use podcasts from a Frenchwoman who posts her experiences of daily life in the outskirts of Paris.

These are now selected mid-week, and e-mailed out to class members, with paper copies delivered by hand to those who do not have e-mail facilities.

There are a few extra bits to be found here.

Here is a list of links to material used so far:
Date of Session Original
Easy print
2 0 1 3
25th February 2013originalclickextrasLancing the saddle boil
14th January 2013originalclickvideoTrouble in Mali
2 0 1 2
5th March 2012originalclickaudioCold showers
23rd January 2012originalclickaudioNot the UN peace-keepers
2 0 1 1
14th November 2011iciclickhereRemembrance
31st October 2011iciclickhereBallet in Russia
Summer Break
18th April 2011originalclickaudioBon marché pour le cadeau
11th April 2011iciclickhereRevolution in Egypt
7th March 2011audioclick The pain of tea
21st February 2011audioclick Lost for words - “exitentialism” (sic)
7th February 2011audioclick A cat among the podcasts
24th January 2011iciclickhere007 in Tunisia
2 0 1 0
22nd November 2010iciclickhereWelcome to the sticks (of spaghetti?)
8th November 2010iciclickhereLuncheon vouchers on the hoof
23rd October 2010iciclickhereIg Nobel prize for economics
11th October 2010iciclickhereNobel prize for literature
Summer Break
19th April 2010audioclick News broadcast from Wednesday evening 14th April
29th March 2010iciclickhereLadies of the night in broad daylight
15th March 2010audioclick News broadcast from Thursday evening 11th March (probably)
8th March 2010iciclickhereBad weather in la Vendée
22nd February 2010iciclickhereSpeed traps
15th February 2010audioclick News broadcast from Thursday evening 11th February
1st February 2010iciclickhereState of the Union - 2010 (slightly abridged)
25th January 2010audioclick News broadcast from Wednesday evening 20th January
11th January 2010iciclickhereAlbert Camus died 50 years ago
2 0 0 9
23rd November 2009audioclick News broadcast from Wednesday evening 18th November
16th November 2009iciclickhereWhat it means to be French
9th November 2009audioclick News broadcast from Wednesday evening 4th November
26th October 2009iciclickhereSwine ’flu in turkeys
19th October 2009audioclick News broadcast from Wednesday evening 14th October
12th October 2009iciclickhereNobel Peace Prize
Summer Break
11th May 2009iciclickhereDining with Simenon and Maigret
27th April 2009audioclick News broadcast from Thursday evening 23rd April
20th April 2009iciclickhereSpeedy service at La Poste
30th March 2009iciclickhere“’twas on a Monday morning ... ”
23rd March 2009audioclick News broadcast from Friday evening 20th March
16th March 2009iciclickhereHollywood comes to CERN
9th March 2009audioclick News broadcast from Friday evening 6th March
2nd March 2009ici et iciclickhereDiscomfort for travellers
16th February 2009audioclick News broadcast from Friday 13th February
9th February 2009iciclickhereSarkozy gets his sums wrong
26th January 2009iciclickhereAstérix may live forever
19th January 2009audioclick News broadcast from Friday 16th January
12th January 2009iciclickhereAntisemitism in France
2 0 0 8
1st December 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 28th November
24th November 2008iciclickhereHigh speed high heels
17th November 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 14th November
3rd November 2008iciclickhereHelp for the French economy
Summer Break
19th May 2008audioclick News broadcast from Saturday 17th May
12th May 2008iciclickhereHelp for the Burmese
28th April 2008audioclick News broadcast from Thursday 24th April
21st April 2008iciclickhereNo rest for the aged
14th April 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 11th April
7th April 2008iciclickhereMartin Luther King
31st March 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 28th March
3rd March 2008iciclickhereSparks fly between French and Spanish electricity giants
25th February 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 22nd February
18th February 2008iciclickhereKofi Annan optimistic in Kenya
4th February 2008iciclickhereRecalling 1968 — 40 years on
28th January 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 25th January
21st January 2008iciclickhereOdours of the night
14th January 2008audioclick News broadcast from Friday 11th January
7th January 2008iciclickhereMobile ’phones for children
2 0 0 7
3rd December 2007iciclickhereDecision time in Venezuela
26th November 2007iciclickhereSwedish swimming baths
19th November 2007iciclickhereMajor reforms in French universities &minus abridged
5th November 2007iciclickhereFood is a serious matter in France
29th October 2007iciclickhereCycling for seniors
15th October 2007iciclickhereProper Nobel Prize
8th October 2007iciclickhereIG-Nobel Prizes
Summer Break
18th June 2007iciclickhereOut of sight but not out of mind
14th May 2007 iciclickhereNew Cabinet
Election special
Just skim the “English”
(probably on-screen),
and only look at
the French if you want to.
2 from Nouvelle Observateur
2 from le Figaro
3 from Libération
      for discussion on Monday
iciclickhereThe long walk of president Sarko
iciclickherePS at war — not now, but later
iciclickhereTony Blair and Sarcozy
iciclickhereThe PS tightens the teeth and the elbows
iciclickhereThe PS must be modernized
iciclickhereSarkozy’s official financial declaration
23rd April 2007iciclickhereNot for the lily livered - abridged
26th March 2007iciclickhereSome wrinkles on wrinkles from a grande damme - abridged
19th March 2007iciclickhereLeeds University backs down
12th March 2007iciclickhereMarriage of inconvenience in Northern Ireland
5th March 2007iciclickhereGerman immigration problems - slightly abridged
19th February 2007iciclickhereEco-friendly skiing - slightly abridged
5th February 2007iciclickhereClimate change report published in Paris
29th January 2007iciclickhere30th birthday of the Pompidou centre in Paris
22nd January 2007iciclickhereAhmadinejad under fire - slightly abridged
15th January 2007iciclickhereFacial hair back in fashion - abridged
8th January 2007iciclickhere“Royal visit” to China
2 0 0 6
4th December 2006iciclickhereOil industry in Mexico - abridged
27th November 2006iciclickhereFootball violence
20th November 2006iciclickhereSégolène Royale
13th November 2006iciclickhereWhite House v Congress
30th October 2006iciclickhereEthiopia v Starbucks
Summer Break
19th June 2006iciclickhereAlgeria v Sahara
5th June 2006iciclickhereCohabitation in the streets of Lyons
22nd May 2006iciclickhereUN suspects USA of torture
15th May 2006iciclickhereReintroduction of bears in the Pyrenees — slightly abridged
24th April 2006iciclickhereArmchair tourists in Moscow — slightly abridged
27th March 2006iciclickhereTuberculosis is still with us
20th March 2006iciclickhereA delicate question of colour
13th March 2006iciclickhereJohn Profumo
6th March 2006iciclickhereMexicans would like to be Yanks
20th February 2006iciclickhereSchool discipline
13th February 2006iciclickhereCoffee with a seasonal flavour (abridged)
6th February 2006iciclickhereThe French are taller and stronger
30th January 2006iciclickhereTrivial Pursuits or Scrabble in matters of love
23rd January 2006iciclickhereNo reduction in VAT for restaurants
16th January 2006iciclickhereElections in Chile
9th January 2006infoclickhereGenuine howlers from the French school exams
2 0 0 5
5th December 2005iciclickherePlagues of flies in Britain by 2080
28th November 2005iciclickhereGeorge Best R.I.P.
14th November 2005iciclickhereInternet piracy in Hong Kong
7th November 2005iciclickherePublic transport casualty of the violence
31th October 2005iciclickhereViolent protests among the youth of France
24th October 2005iciclickhereHurricane Wilma
17th October 2005iciclickhereTamiflu - generic form
Summer Break
6th June 2005iciclickhereThe € after 2 × "non"
23rd May 2005iciclickhereConsumer society
9th May 2005iciclickhereChirac’s 10th anniversary
25th April 2005iciclickherePaolozzi obituary
18th April 2005iciclickhereEuropean Union Constitution
11th April 2005iciclickhereCharles and Camilla (abridged)
4th April 2005iciclickhereSmoking in restaurants
14th March 2005iciclickhereStrikes in the public sector
7th March 2005iciclickhereDisquiet about condoms in Lille
28th February 2005iciclickherela Météo
21st February 2005iciclickhereDisquiet about China
7th February 2005iciclickhereDirectory enquiries
31st January 2005iciclickhereFree entry to museums
24th January 2005iciclickhereBush’s inauguration
17th January 2005iciclickhereTitan probe
10th January 2005iciclickherePrevention of childhood obesity
2 0 0 4
6th December 2004iciclickhereMobile phones
29th November 2004iciclickhereNuclear fusion
22nd November 2004iciclickhereMuseum of Modern Art in New York
15th November 2004iciclickhereDeath of Arafat
08th November 2004iciclickhereUS election
1st November 2004iciclickhereCycling in town
18th October 2004où?clickhereUS attitudes to the French
11th October 2004iciclickhereSport Utility Vehicles
Summer Break
17th May 2004perduclickhereHommes de ménage
10th May 2004perduclickhereEU enlargement
5th April 2004perduclickhereFrench election
5th April 2004perduclickhereMichael Grade head of the BBC
29th March 2004perduclickhereBarbie dolls
22nd March 2004perduclickhereYoung people don’t read newspapers
15th March 2004perduclickhereExercise machines
16th February 2004perduclickhereJamie Oliver in Paris
9th February 2004perduclick The film Etre et avoir
2nd February 2004perduclick The Green Party is still behind in the polls
26th January 2004perduclick The David Kelly affair
19th January 2004perduclick The French Navy finds a crucial black box
19th January 2004le Mondeclick Anti-nuclear demonstration

People who are involved with the Chenobyl children may be interested in this with "English" here
Here is a note on speaking numbers in French.
Here is a note on French insults.
Here is a note on French idioms and gestures.