Geology Group's 2017 Field Trip

The Geology group had another successful field trip this time to Dumfries and Gallaway staying in Stranraer. 15 of us visited sites in Dumfries, the Rhins of Gallaway and the coast towards Girvan over two full days and en-route as well. The weather was very kind to us and sun cream and floppy hats were the order of the day. The rocks ranged in age from Ordovician to Permian times (between about 460 to 250 million years old). We saw a large part of the succession on the Rhins with significant folding and on the coast towards Girvan a rare example of a small piece of oceanic crust forced up onto the continental crust (obduction) during the joining of Scotland with the rest of England (normally it subducts i.e. goes underneath).

Group lined up

Folded rocks

Group at work