Résumé U3A minutes April 2017

John reported that two members of Aughton and Ormskirk U3A have agreed to give their presentation at our Thursday meeting in June 2018.

Ian reported the new members’ meeting had been a success and the revised format of an introduction by the chairman followed by a general discussion before tea was a good innovation though if this format is repeated then new members should be asked for a specific time. Particular points and suggestions were as follows:
i)Possible new groups for; creative writing, photography, strenuous exercise and structured singing.
ii)Ian pointed out that group leaders were the core of U3As and asked for volunteers.

Anne reported only 11 people had so far booked for the Harlow Carr day and it was agreed to push for more attendees at Thursday’s meeting.

Anne reported that Hilary’s name is now on the U3A ‘National Roll of Honour’.

Jackie and/or Ian to attend the YAHR AGM on 27th April in Doncaster.

The Victoria Hall had been unable to accommodate groups on more occasions than usual, e.g. Yoga, Spanish and Painting had been moved and Family History relocated to the Friends Meeting House where the facilities were better. These matters were to be considered at rent review time.

Geology would no longer be able to use the main hall and Debi had supplied their leader with possible alternative venues for consideration. There was concern about the safety of proposed Archaeology field trips as the leader seemed unaware of risk

Membership is currently 362 members including 88 new ones. Beacon System running and Keith is ironing out teething problems so it will go live in time for renewals. Several advantages like allowing renewals from 1st April at £18 for 18 months but PayPal arrangements was not yet sorted despite establishing a new email address: settledistrictu3a@gmail.com. Keith had succeeded in getting a place on the Beacon Conference in Birmingham and it was agreed to refund his expenses.

The Westnet quiz had been a success with a creditable performance by Settle.
Two Westnet events were planned:
21st June - Walking Treasure Hunt based on Saltaire, cost £5
10th November - Ceilidh in Ilkley, cost £10
Settle to suggest Westnet has a website.
Settle to indicate it would be willing to host a Westnet event.

The Group Leaders Lunch was discussed. About 30 attendees including committee were expected and Debi had all the victuals organised. After most guests had arrived Ian would make short speech thanking the leaders for all their work and inviting them to see how the Beacon system operates.

Unfortunately the booked speaker on Bletchley Park had died but Kath had arranged for Les Chandler to speak on ’Garden Wildlife’. Bletchley Park had an outreach worker who would do a talk for a cost of around £100 if they could speak to a local school on the same day. It was thought this would be good to arrange on a future occasion with Settle College.

A significant number of printed newsletters are not being collected. Chris T is collating a list of persons who have failed to collect for a period of three months and will reduce the numbers printed if the total is significant.

Paul Cochrane is working on a redesign of the website and Keith W showed progress. There was general approval of the format but it was felt that the standard type should be Ariel 12pt and that the banner photographs might be modified.

Résumé U3A minutes March 2017

Ian would give a talk on Settle District U3A at the “Festival of Happiness”. This would take place at the Victoria Hall on 27 May 2017 at 11.00 am. Debi would send out emails to Group Leaders asking for photographs and Sue would organise them into a screen show.

John had contacted the secretary of Aughton and Ormskirk U3A and was awaiting final confirmation from them regarding their talk “Understanding Tomorrow’s World”.

Ian mentioned the WestNet Quiz to be held on Wednesday, 05 April in Skipton other Westnet Groups had all booked teams, apart from Settle. Chris C said she would go with her husband.

It was agreed that we should proceed with internet banking without the ability to make payments so John could see what was happening real time rather than having to wait for statements.

Arrangements were made for the Group Leaders Lunch to take place following the next Committee Meeting on 10 April. This would take place at Debi’s house and Ian would issue invitations to the leaders. There would be a choice of three soups, bread and cheese. Ian would give a short speech and there would also be a short demonstration of the Beacon System.

Keith reported that there were: 356 members, 84 new members and 13 new applications for membership. He said that he hoped to be running the Beacon system alongside the present system by May and hope to switch over to Beacon at the start of the new year in September. The Beacon system was quite user-friendly. He hoped to input the Gift Aid into it followed by PayPal. He would show the system to the Committee at the next meeting, prior to the Group Leaders.

Debi said the leaflet update could not begin until she had a better idea of which courses would be running next year. After discussion it was agreed to put the item on the May Agenda. David Hewitt Ilkley U3A was organising a Westnet Gilbert and Sullivan Study Day which will be held in Harrogate on Thursday, 17 August. It was agreed that Anne would arrange the trip to RHS Harlow Carr at Harrogate.

The talk at the February Meeting was by Richard Wilcocks on “Stories from the War Hospital”. It was agreed that this was interesting but not one of our best talks.

The guest speaker at April’s meeting Vernor Wheelock will talk on “Nutrition”. He has asked for a projector, screen, laptop and sound system. He is proposing to set up “Diabetes Support in Craven and asked that instead of a fee we make a donation to this.

Anne said that despite all efforts last year from the committee to the National U3A she could not find Hillary’s name in the “National Roll of Honour”. She said she would chase this up.

Anne suggested we should consider holding a WestNet Event. Members were asked to give this some thought and discuss at the next meeting.

Résumé U3A minutes February 2017

The details of the July Meeting had been omitted from the Membership Cards and these details would be put into the May and June Newsletters and also on the Website.

The date arranged for the new members meeting was to be Thursday, 23 March in the Friends Meeting House from 2.30 pm until 4 pm.

Notification of National U3A Summer Schools. These would be put on the website and the Thursday notice board.

Notification of Westnet Quiz Night to be held on Wednesday, 05 April at Swadford Centre, Skipton, 6 pm for 6.30 pm. These would be put on the website and the Thursday notice board.
Notification from Ian regarding Settle Stories "Festival of Happiness" to be centred on the Friends' Meeting House on Saturday, 27 May. The idea is to provide a platform for a range of voluntary organisations to explain what they do and how they do it. Ian has booked a half hour slot and has suggested we feature our aims and what we can offer.

Discussion who was responsible for sending U3A copy to the various organisations, eg: Craven Herald, Community News, Vibrant Settle, Judith Alinson's news sheet, Tramps etc. It was decided to bring this up at the next committee meeting for clarification.

Half of the printed newsletters had not been collected. Although some members maybe did not attend the Thursday meeting because of the cold, wet weather this matter does need addressing. It was suggested that Ian mention it in notices on Thursday.

Jackie had received a letter regarding a Wurlitzer Organ Group from the Northern Cinema Organisation in Bradford asking if our members would be interested in joining this group. To be mentioned at Thursday's meeting;

David Holdsworth gave an excellent talk on 'The Internet is not Magic'. It was a difficult subject and he did extremely well. The sound system was good.

John said he would progress the talk by U3A members from Aughton and Ormskirk "Understanding Tomorrow's World". Gill said she had had a cancellation for June 2018 and John would try to book for that date;

It was mentioned that Paul Cochrane had had to move his group to the Castleberg Room because Slimmers' World had left their products in the Hall from their morning session awaiting their evening session and the doors were locked. Jackie will speak to Ian on Thursday;

Family History had written to Jackie and Anne asking if they could use the sound system. It was agreed in principle but would have to be booked in advance and training given for the use of it. Or they could use the lapel system. Jackie to e-mail Eileen with the reply.

Also, there are some small issues with the timings of the Family History and Circle Dancing Groups.

Jackie and Anne to meet with Eileen, Margaret, Malcolm and Jean on 14 February to discuss.

Résumé U3A minutes January 2017

It is expected that the Beacon system will 'go live' in May, following Group Leaders' training. Keith also reported that we would begin to pay 50p per member from April 2017 for the Beacon System. It was reported that the current membership stood at 340 plus three hon. members. These figures include 71 new members.

There is a Social Committee balance for non-charitable activity and it was agreed to trial for one year paying a contribution towards coach fees (if necessary) for the various groups - up to £100.

It was agreed to hold the Group Leaders Lunch following the April Committee Meeting on 10 April. Group Leaders would be invited to come at noon. It was decided that this would be a good opportunity to combine the lunch with the Group Leaders' Beacon Training.

It was noted that there was printer error on the membership cards and that the Thursday meeting on 13 July was missing. A notice would be put in the Newsletter

Jackie reported that at the Y & H Regional Meeting to be held on 16 February discussion will be taking place on "The Structure and the Future Direction of the National Office." Discussion took place and it was agreed that: "There needs to be some proportional representation to reflect numbers of U3A groups in each region and that the current structure may need to change but not enormously." Jackie and Anne to attend the next YAHR Regional Development meeting in Doncaster on Thursday 16 February

Jackie would be attending the next WestNet Meeting on 09 March. She had received an email from Mick Ritchings regarding communications protocol, ie when and how. Jackie will let Angie Grain know our communication methods at this next meeting. Jackie would report back to the committee.

Jackie said that there was to be a Treasure Hunt in June, organised by Bradford U3A. The Film Study Day had been postponed but it was hoped to hold it later this year.

Feedback from the Christmas Meeting:
It was agreed that the Christmas Meeting had been excellent
The system for entry worked well
It was estimated that at least 180 attended
Ian was pleased that the timings for the different groups had worked well
Thanks to Philip Taylor for playing the piano so marvellously were recorded
Ian said that the Co-op had been very good and had given us a discount. He also said that Booths had loaned us the wineglasses for free. Ian would write a letter of thanks to the Co-op.

It was agreed to set up a meeting between Chris C, Keith W and Paul C to discuss improving the website to be user-friendly, up-to-date and tidy.

It was agreed to purchase two laser pointers.

Résumé U3A minutes December 2016

Details of the Regional “Summer Learning Break” 2017 to be held a Hawkhills Conference Centre, Easingwold were received and will be put on the website and Thursday Meeting Notice Board.

The Yoga Group was now established and the new Archaeology and Early History Group would commence January 2017.

There are now 339 members (of which 69 are new).

Details of Beacon were given and it is hoped this will go live in May 2017. A cost of 50p per member would be paid later in 2017.

Jackie and Anne attended the YAHR Development Meeting in Doncaster in November and the structure of the future of the National Office was discussed. Positive feedback was given to the Askham Bryan Showcase Event and it was suggested that an article be put in U3A Matters. Guest speaker, Samantha Mauger, the new Chief Executive Officer gave a brief CV of her experience leading to her appointment. She spoke of the importance of U3As and how they can make a big difference to people’s lives especially in combating the effects of loneliness.

Arrangements for the Christmas Meeting were discussed and finalised. The meeting would include demonstrations by a variety of the groups, mulled wine, non-alcoholic mulled wine, mince pies, biscuits and a quiz for all members.

Résumé U3A minutes November 2016

The up-to-date situation on the sessions on Autism was that approximately 50 people including carers signed up.

Ian said that he hoped that the committee agreed with him on his comments and for all Settle District U3A members to think about this for ways in which we can demonstrate the human kindness which is in each of us especially at Christmas. Members agreed and said the letter was good and very relevant.

Debi reported that a leader had been found for the Spanish Group, Tricia Robinson, from present until summer. There had been some minor issues at the group’s first meeting but these would be resolved. The Bridge Group was now closed due to low numbers. Yoga had started but was low on numbers and new members would be welcome. Perhaps it could be advertised. Due to half term and holiday commitments Debi had not been able to contact Alan King. She thought the new group: Archaeology and Early History would commence in January 2017;

Promotion of the Settle District U3A was discussed. Debi and Jean would get together to update the Information Leaflets as soon as possible.

Ian spoke on how we could encourage new members to join and it was suggested to put an article in the Community News and Vibrant Settle. Jean agreed to write the articles.

Keith said there were now 338 members and four honorary members, of which over 70 were new members and this was a healthy situation.

He has set up the required information for Beacon and sent it off. There is still the issue of how to record Gift Aid. John would check on the limit of years to be able to sign up for future years. He said that Beacon would go live in May/June 2017 and he would like to have the software by March/ April/May for him to be able to familiarise with it.

The Beacon system has been developed by U3A nationally and will enable members and potential members to join, renew and pay online. From April there will be a charge of 50p per member for use of the system. This charge will be reviewed regularly, say annually. John is happy with this system.

It was recommended that Settle District U3A should go ahead with the Beacon system;

With regard to WestNet there was still a need to know which members are also members of other groups within WestNet. The membership card and/or number would be required for insurance purposes. Also we need to know how other groups are dealing with this issue.

After some debate regarding “members only” at the Christmas meeting, it was suggested that members were reminded to bring their Membership Card or number to the Christmas meeting. Debi would add this information to the front page of the Newsletter. It was also suggested that in future the Christmas meeting would be by ticket only. It was also agreed to have a “U3A Members Only” notice outside the main door of the Victoria Hall this year.

David Hewitt, contact committee member of Yorkshire & the Humber U3A Region with the western U3As in Yorkshire joined the meeting to discuss furthering links.

David explained what the region YHAR is about. He said that there would be a Trustee Training Course for new committee members in about a year’s time. There would be Development Days when the National Executive would attend. He wants us all to understand the nature of our committee. There is to be a restructure of the National Organisation but that it won’t affect what we do locally. He spoke of the regional Summer Schools which were two day residential intensive study courses on one subject. He was seeking people to give a 2 ½ hour talk at the schools. If anyone is interested contact David or Jackie. There was a showcase event every four years which had been held this August. Ian said that Settle U3A had had a mixed experience at this year’s event. Our views had been reported to the YAHR Chairperson – Alan Swann. David spoke of various group activities at Ilkley with cluster groups. He asked us to consider sharing details of musical leaders to introduce with other regions. Anonymity would be protected. Ian warmly thanked David for attending our meeting.

Debi gave the background of our website, originally developed by David Holdsworth and said that we like the general way it looks. Keith W said that the Beacon system would alter it. Discussion took place and it was agreed that Chris C and Keith W meet with Paul to chat about the website. Chris was warmly thanked for her report.

Résumé U3A minutes October 2016

The Secretary reported on information received from the YAHR Secretary regarding a proposed YAHR Study Day to be held on Wednesday, 15 March 2017. The subject will be “Saltaire, a World Heritage Site” with conducted tour around Salts Mill, the paintings at the Mill, with special reference to David Hockney, a tour around the model village and The United Reform Church. Also, Westnet invitation for Settle and District U3A committee and members to join Ilkley and District U3A for a Study Day to be held on Tuesday, 29 November on “Shakespeare – As You Like It.” This would be about the life and times of William Shakespeare and would have a wide general appeal. Also, information received from Angie Grain that the Westnet Quiz Night event held on 20 September was socially a success with everyone enjoying the occasion. Regrettably, there was a small deficit with the financial reconciliation.

The Chairperson reported that all was going well with the groups and Debi reported that there were no major problems with accommodating the various groups to rooms. She said that Yoga was starting on Wednesday, 12 October with Monica Jenkins as group leader and helped by Eileen Clegg. The new group of Ukulele playing was popular and the Mah-jong group were sorting themselves out. The Spanish group had started but the leader could no longer continue. Fortunately Ray Jones has offered to lead this group until the end of the year and thus enabling us to find a more permanent leader next year. The committee recorded their thanks to Ray for stepping in. The Bridge group has few numbers. A new group: Archaeology and Early History may be offered. Alan King has indicated he may offer a 10 week course. Finally, there has been no interest in Swedish Conversation.

Promotion of the U3A was discussed. It was agreed that we should distribute the Information Leaflets as soon as possible and then reprint a new, more up-to-date Leaflet.

There are 303 members of which 59 were completely new and three honorary members. Also there had been four telephone enquiries to join. The transfer of members and groups to Beacon is set for this month. Concern was expressed about U3A inter-joining groups and how this should be recorded. It was decided that Jackie would find out by emailing other Westnet contacts and report back.

Arrangements were discussed for the Christmas Meeting.

John asked that our website be updated. He said that although it was very informative many items of information were out of date or just not on the website. Chris C offered to check all sections and contact the appropriate member to update and forward to Paul Cochrane.

Résumé U3A minutes 15th AGM September 2016

The minutes of the 14th AGM held 08 September 2015 were accepted with no amendments. Reports from the Secretary were received and the Treasurer’s report and social account was approved. It was agreed that Christopher Wilcock be appointed financial examiner for 2016\17.

Ian Tennant, Chairperson, addressed the meeting and expressed appreciation to all members of the Committee for their hard work over the year with special thanks to Pat Taylor and Nita Hart who were stepping down from the committee. He then went on to illustrate the different roles taken by committee members.

Election of officers and committee members took place and Keith Bradshaw Christine Chandler and Anne Webster and were nominated and join the committee. Also, Keith Waterson is standing again for a second 3 year term. They will join existing committee members Debi Burridge, Jean Hall, Kath Mason, Christine Taylor, Gill Rawlings and Sue Simpson.

All current officers (Chairperson, Vice- chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) were standing down in line with our constitution. The following were nominated for office in 2016\17 and accepted:
Chairperson: Ian Tennant
Vice Chairperson: Jackie Allott
Secretary: Anne Webster
Treasurer: John Parry

The Chairperson explained that in the light of three people seeking election to the committee to replace two people leaving it had been decided that our current constitution allowed this to happen in exceptional circumstances – he considered their willingness to stand should be welcomed.

The date of the next AGM will be 17 September 2017