Résumé U3A minutes - March 2018

It was agreed to vote by proxy to approve the Articles of Association (Special Resolution) for the TAM EGM. In view of a busy schedule in June to defer the visit by Sue Stokes (YAHR Trustee) until the new session. With regard to Shared Learning Projects it was felt there was plenty of interesting SLP in the Settle area with research projects available (ie Ingleborough Archaeology, North Craven Heritage Trust and The Folly Museum). Kath reported on downloads on the National U3A website if members were interested.

Following notification from National U3A and in response John reported on communications received from Coles Solicitors and the committee agreed there was no need to amend the objects clause in our Constitution. Coles advice was pro bono so far.

The Victoria Hall Wi-Fi system was now hard-wired and worked very well.

Debi reported that she had set up the Creative Writers Group, the members of which would take it in turns to run the sessions on the fourth Monday of the month.

Keith reported that there were 356 members with 49 new members and that he had an issue with two members who were not receiving Beacon emails but could receive personal emails

Joint membership was discussed with regard to Gift Aid. It was agreed that John again contact Coles to question if there is any way we could alter our systems, so we can reclaim tax under the gift aid scheme where one taxpayer in a household also pays a non-taxpayers subscription. John to ask would it be reasonable for us to have a joint subscription even if we did not give any discount off double the minimum subscription? Or is there another solution to the problem?

General Data Protection Regulation – Draft Policy: Keith W said that the committee had to agree in writing to have their email details on the website. It was agreed that a single page with all names would be adequate. Debi to contact Group Leaders toinform them of the changes necessary. The paper documents would need to be in a secure storage place and John suggested we purchase another four-drawer filing cabinet, especially for this purpose, to be sited alongside the present cabinet.

Keith W to amend the draft Policy Document and to produce new members’ form with tick box ‘Please be aware of our Data Protection Policy’. It was also mentioned of the need to be aware of copyright issues with regard to music etc. Debi to send an email to Group Leaders to remind them.

Mobile Notice Boards - Graham reported that both Booths and the Co-op had confirmed the dates for the publicity events. Graham to co-ordinate the events. It was agreed that Graham purchase a 3 x 2 panel notice board in blue and grey with ‘SETTLE DISTRICT U3A’ printed above the centre panel.

The two sound systems that Sue had researched were discussed and it was agreed to ask Sue to find out the cost for hiring the second system for a period, to test.

Group Leaders Lunch – 09 April 2018 - Jackie to write and invite Group Leaders: Committee meeting to start at 10 am; Lunch from noon to 2 pm; Gill, Kath and Anne to make soups; Jean to make bread rolls; Debi to arrange cheese and biscuits.

Kath reported that she had spoken with the secretary of the Rugby Club and they were happy for the U3A to use the parking facilities provided they displayed a U3A sticker inside their car. They had suggested a free trial period. It was agreed that Kath contact the secretary and suggest a two-month trial from next Monday, 12 March until May. Group Leaders to be informed.

Résumé U3A minutes - February 2018

Creative Writing - Debi put a notice in the January Newsletter and on the website and several members had expressed interest. She had arranged a meeting and Limestone View. She also suggested that interested members could attend a Regional Study Day on Creative Writing, to be held on Thursday, 22 March 2018 in York, the cost to be paid for by Settle District U3A;

Mobile Notice Boards and Displays - It was agreed that Graham confirm with Booths the following dates - Friday, 13 April and Saturday 14 April 2018 to hold a display in the foyer. It was also agreed that Graham confirm with the Co-op Tuesday, 26 June 2018 for a display there. Sue to provide group photographs, Jean to provide printed posters, Anne to bring the Annual Group Information Leaflet and Keith W to have membership application forms.

Newsletter - it was agreed that Keith W puts links to the Newsletter and the Website in his monthly email letter to members.

National U3A A4 Posters - Anne had received these posters and Jean to distribute;

It was suggested that the committee purchase two ‘higher’ upright chairs with armrests for disabled members. Debi to speak with Ann Harding.

Following notification from National U3A and in response John spoke on “Notes on our non-charitable account, our constitution, gift aid, trips by groups and other matters” and his opinion on these issues. It was agreed that he close the social account and transfer the balance. Michael Cullingworth to organise theatre trips through the Rotary Club. It was agreed that he consult a solicitor (Coles, Town Hall, Settle) for confirmation on these matters;

Keith reported that there were 355 members, 48 new members, including 3WestNet, 6 Associate and three Honorary

Nita had written to Jackie suggesting an alternative to parking at the Cricket Club, due to the ongoing building works and lack of parking spaces. She suggested the Rugby Club and Kath offered to contact the club explaining our requirements and asking if we could park there.

Kath reported back on the Bletchley Park speaker. Apparently Giggleswick School has already organised someone from Cambridge for this year. Kath to continue to try to co-ordinate with Giggleswick School for 2019 and report back.

Résumé U3A minutes - January 2018

New members invitation to a New Members Tea on Thursday 22nd February at the Friends Meeting House from 2pm to 4pm, to hear about their experience of joining Settle District U3A and any ideas on how we could improve the way we welcome and encourage new members. The afternoon would start with an introduction and there will then be an opportunity to give their views and experiences.

Further to Debi’s talk on deaf awareness at the AGM, Jackie reported that a colleague from York U3A would be giving feedback to her on their meeting for deaf awareness and she would report back to committee. Jackie suggested ideas for our Newsletter and how it could perhaps be improved. For example, York U3A had a crossword and puzzle. Various suggestions were put forward by Jackie and Sue.

Debi reported that the Weekender Group enjoyed a good Christmas lunch and was happy to continue with monthly coffee morning meetings at Limestone View. John said he would continue to monitor the Bridge Group. Anne would pursue an accident claim form in respect of a member falling at the Victoria Hall.

Membership - 349 members, and 43 new members

Feedback from Christmas Social – Thursday, 14 December 2017 - some emails and positive comments had been received. It was agreed that the social was very good with a lovely atmosphere and the timings worked well. Jackie suggested that the social be tweaked next year to keep it fresh.

It was suggested that new groups could be set up, for example Creative Writing, History, Archaeology and Music Appreciation. A mention to be put in the newsletter to gauge interest. John suggested a concert/recital of recorders and he would have a word with Pam (leader of recorder group). A poster had been received from the Settle Hub with regard to mobile phone, tablet and computer help session at the Hub. Although this was received too late to take action.

Discussion took place regarding the use of notice boards “out and about” to advertise Settle District U3A. For example, at Booths and the Co-op. Graham agreed to look into costings and report back to committee.

Jackie reported that Craven U3A has a policy regarding Data Protection Register plus Data Protection Security Guidance Notes.

Résumé U3A minutes - December 2017

It was noted that:

Research Programmes:
Jackie had contacted Kate Helm, Bradford U3A, and they would work together with regard to links with Universities.

Secretary’s Report:

Anne reported that she had received correspondence, as follows:
i)Bespoke Group Tours with Brightness Holidays;
ii)Volunteering opportunities with the North Yorkshire Rotters;
iii)WestNet September minutes.

Chair’s Report:
Jackie asked what the policy was in respect of death of members and it was agreed ‘no notices in the Newsletter, Monthly Meeting or condolence cards’

Jackie reported that Mick Riching - (Craven) WestNet. had received ‘scam’ email requesting money. It was agreed to put this on the agenda when Keith W returned.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report:
Debi reported that:
The Weekender Group were continuing to meet at Limestone View. Ruth Evans was arranging a Christmas

Lunch (to be held at Limestone View). Debi would monitor in the New Year.

John said the Bridge Group was continuing at present with a small membership.

Membership Secretary’s Report:
Anne reported in Keith’s absence:

That there were: 348 members, and 42 new members
Jean would take the new membership forms to the Thursday Meeting;

Jackie to report on YAHR:
Jackie and Sue reported on their attendance at YAHR Development Day - Sharing Best Practice on 24th November. They felt it had been a stimulating and informative day.

Feedback was given under the following headings:-
i)The Beacon system (Frank Bailey/Ripon);
ii)An Audio Tour Guide system (John Hancock/Ilkley & District);
iii)Managing Interest Groups - encouraging new groups and avoiding waiting lists in particular (Beverly Jaques/Haxby and Wiggington);
iv)Dementia Awareness - helping to support members and their carers (Jean Smith/Ilkley & District);
v)Using Surplus Funds - how to use funds within rules and for the benefit of all (Christine Hines/Harrogate);
vi)Working in Partnership with Age UK and jointly tackling loneliness and isolation - especially amongst older people (Alan Swann/Barnsley).
Discussion followed on how our U3A may usefully use some of the ideas put forward - and will continue to inform future planning, as appropriate.

Chris suggested that one or two groups be highlighted each month in the Newsletter to raise awareness, interest and encourage members to join. It was agreed that this was an excellent idea and for Chris to organise.

Chris also said that Hilary B had checked numbers of Newsletters for collection at the Victoria Hall and it was suggested that these be dropped from 90 to 70.

It was also suggested that instead of Keith emailing all members with the website link for the latest Newsletter he attach the pdf Newsletter to the email (if possible and when he returns) to encourage members to read it.

Arrangements for the Christmas Social – Thursday, 14 December 2017
To be held at Victoria Hall
Free and to members only
Notice on outside door (Anne)
Refreshments organised (mince pies, shortbread biscuits, mulled wine, non-alcoholic wine, fruit juice, tea and coffee
Serviettes, table decorations, wine, glasses and trays organised
‘Meet and Greet’ – Kath and Keith B
Paul C to be curtain raiser
Victoria Hall to set up computer and audio
Café style seating
Jackie to organise Quiz
Anne to purchase Quiz prize
Groups to perform – Ukulele, Great Lives, Recorders, Exercise, Circle Dancing, Singing for Pleasure and Play reading had agreed to perform.

New Members Meeting: arranged for Thursday, 22 February from 2.00pm to 4.00 pm at the Friends Meeting House;

Group Leaders Lunch: arranged for Monday, 09 April 2018 following the Committee Meeting, at Debi’s from noon to 2 pm. Note Committee Meeting to meet at 10 am;

Jackie has a connection (Andrew Grace) with York U3A regarding “Understanding Hearing Problems in Later Life” and will report back to committee.

Résumé U3A minutes - November 2017

It was noted that:

Anne reported that the Settle District U3A Constitution was last reviewed in 2013 and should be checked again in 2022;

Research Programmes:
Kath reported that Lancaster University had no suitable research programme we might be involved in but asked Jackie to let her know if other U3As had contact with Sheffield University. Jackie had not yet made any contact though Bradford University. Jackie had contacted Kate Helm, Bradford U3A, and they would work together with regard to links with Universities.

Sound System at Victoria Hall:
Keith W and Debi reported that they had had a meeting with Ann Harding and that there had been several issues but that the projector would be compatible with our computer and that the sound system was now working;

Data Protection Register May 2018:
Keith reported that our Data Protection Register would need revision and he had started this process which would be completed in February 2018;

Settle Quakers Community Meal – Thursday, 05 October:
Anne, John and Jean had attended and reported that it had been an enjoyable evening with a tasty meal. There were several groups, who used the Friends Meeting House there, and representatives described their activities.

Secretary’s Report:

Anne reported that she had received correspondence, as follows:

Sharing Best Practice Workshop - Friday 24th November 2017 in York. Purpose: to share your issues and concerns and also to learn about other U3As who have examples of good ideas that work well for them. Anne would put details on Notice Board;

WESTNET: None received

Letter received from Gill O'Donnell (Church Secretary) St. John’s Methodist Church:
It was agreed that Jackie and Anne reply thanking the Church for their letter.

Chair’s Report:
Jackie reported that:
She had been asked to promote the Library Open Day and to draw to people’s attention to the Home Delivery Service. She would put a poster on the Notice Board;

She asked members of Settle District U3A to list their best opinions of Settle District U3A:
Good NewsletterGood Website
Good CommunicationRural, Friendly and Small
Open to Change
Good at encouraging people to commit

She suggested inviting members of the U3A to attend a committee meeting to have a better understanding of what the committee undertook;

She had received an email from Ian Tennant to say that he would like his Art Group to exhibit at the Thursday Meeting on 12 April 2018.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report:
Debi reported that:
There were problems with the Weekender Group. There was to be a meeting on Saturday but no communication had been sent out. Nothing seemed to be happening;

She and John P were continuing to monitor the Victoria Hall bookings;

The Bridge Group was struggling with membership numbers.

Membership Secretary’s Report:
Keith reported that
There were: 345 members, and 39 new members
85% of membership had email addresses;

Jean would take the new membership forms to the Thursday Meeting;

He and Paul C were pursuing the website upgrade. This would be sent to Frank Woodhams, David Holgate and Chris C to test before going live.

Feedback from Monthly Meeting – Thursday, 12 October 2017:
It was agreed that this meeting, at St John’s Church, was very good. The speaker was exceptional and the venue excellent. The committee gave this 10/10. Jean said that 12 members had gone to the Victoria Hall in error.

Arrangements for this Monthly Meeting – Thursday, 09 November 2017
To be held at Victoria Hall
Speaker booked
Refreshments organised
‘Meet and Greet’ – Kath and Keith B
Keith to set up computer and audio
Small table at front of hall and another at side of stage.

Arrangements for Christmas Social – Thursday, 14 December 2017
Jackie reported that, so far, Singing for Pleasure, Ukulele Players, Recorders, Exercise Group, Line Dancing and Circle Dancing Group had agreed to perform. She had had no results for a Panto Sketch.

Jill presented her list of speakers for 2018-2019. It was agreed that this was an excellent and varied list;

Kath said that she had been organising the Bletchley Park Enigma speaker. Because of the high fees for this speaker she was aiming to have two Settle schools to also have the speaker, thus reducing the fees.

Chris C mentioned Ex-Forces Support (document circulated with Agenda). It was agreed to put the poster on the Notice Board;

Keith W said that on the last Thursday walk someone had been taken ill, an ambulance called and been taken to the GP Surgery and then home. Discussion took place regarding an Accident Book or Log but it was agreed that on this occasion a report would suffice. Keith to send this report to Anne to file.

Résumé U3A minutes - October 2017

Reducing Number of Printed Copies of the Newsletter:
Chris T reported that Alison Tyas who, with great dedication, delivers Newsletters to members who had not attended the monthly meeting or did not collect their copy.

It was agreed that too many copies were printed and that we review this situation in January and that Jackie put this item in the next Newsletter. Secretary’s Report:

Anne reported that she had received correspondence, as follows –
Flyer for 2018 Programme Gilbert & Sullivan International Festival, Harrogate
Booking forms for G & S Festival
‘Newsletter Workshop’ reminder “Newsletter 12 October, Leeds
‘Sharing Best Practices & Ideas Workshop’ Friday 24 November at Bar Convent, York, YO24 1AQ
Outcomes of Regional Development Meeting: 13 September 2017.
Flyer, further details and booking form for Ceilidh, Friday, 10 November 2017

Group Co-ordinator’s Report:
The Dance Exercise Group was off to a good start
The Weekenders Group held a successful inaugural meeting. The original leader was not able to carry on and the group would be run by the members. Debi would give support initially
There were several problems between the Victoria Hall and the U3A regarding room bookings. John and Debi to monitor this matter

Membership Secretary’s Report:
Keith reported that there were:
332 members
34 new member

Jackie to report on YAHR:
The Region had set up an on-line Newsletter called ‘Bulletin
'Barnsley U3A was looking at a possible associate membership for people of the 4th Age
Ian had asked and Jackie reported that the Link system as discussed by David Hewitt (Ilkley U3A). YAHR said this was in abeyance and would be discussed at their next management meeting
Ian had also asked and Jackie reported that the National Office has a bank of resources for all subjects
Have Your Say: at the meeting 17 U3As were tasked to identify their perception of priorities for their own U3A for the next 2/3 years. Anne to email members with information and this will be discussed at the next committee meeting
Anne to check whether our Constitution needed updating
There was a new Data Protection Register commencing May 2018
Kath to contact Lancaster University and Jackie to contact Bradford University to enquire what research programmes were taking place
YAHR do not have any current training for new Trustees - a training development day is to be arranged when new trainers are identified
Neil Stevens is working on a new-look YAHR Website - they are looking for new/rare interest groups. They want to populate the website with new and up-to-date-information
The YAHR are taking a new look at improving communication between region and NEC - Sue Stokes is Regional Trustee/Volunteer. There is a plan to rotate venues for Regional Development Days - eg Leeds/York/Doncaster
Asking if we are promoting MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) locally
The Region is wanting to promote profile of U3A's and use of social media. Also asking if we are involved in research programmes or have done one of our own
The Region is looking at succession training and encouraging local U3As to do the same, ie encouraging committee members to shadow members jobs. Feedback to YAHR will inform training needs in the area

Amend / Agree Job Descriptions
With a few amendments the Committee Members Job Descriptions were agreed.

Feedback from AGM – Thursday, 14 September 2017:
It was agreed that the AGM went very well.

Anne mentioned that ‘Apologies for Absence’ should not be accepted from the floor on behalf of absent members. They should be made prior to the AGM. This was approved.

Debi’s talk on Deaf Awareness was well received. Debi spoke about deaf awareness among the elderly and also how isolating memory loss can be. Both mild hearing loss and profound heading loss is a problem. She set out ten pointers to help those with hearing loss.

December: The Christmas Social was briefly discussed. Jackie to take action and this would be put on agenda at next meeting. Debi to contact all group leaders;

Jackie wanted to fulfil her promise to members at the AGM about promoting deaf awareness. This would be put on agenda at the next and subsequent meetings;

On behalf of the Committee Anne presented Debi with Garden Vouchers as a thank-you for the use of her table, chairs and coffee at meetings.

Résumé U3A minutes - September 2017

Meeting ref. Victoria Hall Booking: Ian reported on the meeting between John Parry, himself and Ann Harding regarding the double booking of the Victoria Hall on Thursday, 12th October.

Ian and John expressed their displeasure at the fact that the Victoria Hall should accept an outside booking on a second Thursday of the month, a date that had been used by Settle U3A for nearly twenty years and guaranteed as part of the agreed monthly payment.

Ann agreed to see if the outside booking could be changed. Subsequently she reported that no change could be made and it was reluctantly agreed that Settle U3A would book St John’s Church, Foyer and Kitchen and that the Victoria Hall would pay for this.

Chairman’s Report: Ian expressed his grateful thanks to all the committee who, over his two year period as Chairman, had shown their willingness to take on responsibilities over and above expectations. He said they were “brilliant”.

Membership Secretary’s Report: Keith W reported that 299 members had renewed for 2017/2018 which included 27 new members. There were six associated members and one honorary member. 52 had paid by PayPal; six used BACS. The make-up of members was 29% male and 71% female.

The Beacon system was working well with the odd small problem.
He had sent out an email reminder to 190 members who had not yet renewed their subscriptions.

Jackie reported on a YAHR meeting held at Doncaster. Jackie and Sue attended a WestNet meeting held at Keighley on the 7th September.

Feedback from August’s Open Meeting: It was agreed that this went well, particularly with the use of the Friends Meeting House and the Victoria Hall. The use of signs on top of poles to identify different groups worked well in the VH. Keith said that next year more attention should be paid to filling in the amount the member was paying as one or two were missed off the renewal forms.

Résumé U3A minutes - August 2017

Chairman’s Report: Ian said that he had used his ‘Letter from the Chair’ in the Newsletter to mention ‘Deaf Awareness’ and Debi’s talk on this subject at the Annual General Meeting;

Treasurer’s Report: John reported that he had spoken with Christopher Wilcock who had said he was happy to continue for a further year as Examiner of the accounts. John Terry is happy to become the Examiner when Christopher Wilcock wants to stand down.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report: Debi reported that she had been unable to proceed further with the Pilates instructor but would contact her again; she would like a request for Art Appreciate Group Leader to be put in the Newsletter; Frank Rhodes and Gordon Higginson had suggested that the fortnightly Bridge Group could be started up again if numbers were viable. They would be at the Open Meeting to take names.

Victoria Hall: Ian reported that the Victoria Hall had contacted him to say that the U3A were unable to use the Hall for their October monthly meeting because it had been booked out to someone else. The Committee felt that this was not acceptable as U3A had an ongoing block booking for the Hall for monthly meetings. Ian would speak with Ann Harding. Meanwhile he was looking to book the Methodist Church, if possible.

Membership Secretary’s Report: Keith W reported that 76 members had renewed for 2017/2018 which included four new members. 21 had paid by PayPal; The Beacon system was working well; He would open on-line group booking from Thursday, 10 August; He hadn’t yet set-up booking equipment on-line.

Jackie to report on YAHR and Westnet: Jackie reported that there was no further information from the YAHR. Further to Jackie’s report (attached to the agenda) she said that at the Westnet meeting a Peace Studies Day, organised by Settle District U3A, to be held in Bradford had been mentioned. This was discussed and committee members felt that it was not what had been envisioned when suggesting an event be held at Settle. Debi suggested a Study Day in the Settle area. Sue said that although we were on the boundary of the Westnet area we were close to Cumbria and Lancashire etc and could include them in this event. Keith W mentioned that the Settle Churches had a ‘Ponder as you Wander’ leaflet that could be used for part of the day. It was felt that there was a positive wealth of rich local interest for this Study Day. It was agreed that a sub-committee should be set up to organise this event to possibly be held in Spring 2018. Jackie said that she would report back to the next Westnet meeting on 07 September in Keighley.

Feedback from July’s Meeting: It was agreed that the café style seating was good and would be used for all monthly meetings. The speaker was initially quite amusing, although had no pictures and the talk was given.

Arrangements for Thursday’s Open Meeting: Debi asked for 12 tables – four long down each side, two at the top and two under the balcony. Also small tables down the middle of the room. Anne asked for a small table in the foyer for marketing information. Paul C was printing off the registration sheets.
John would arrange for Lamberts to print 200 of the last page of the group information leaflet (black on yellow) and display around the hall.
Keith W was happy with his arrangements for joining or renewal of membership at the Friends Meeting House.
Ian said he would stand outside directing people to the FMH or the VH.

Arrangements for the AGM – Thursday, 14 September 2017:
  a) Time:   Commence at 11 am with refreshments from 10 am and Debi to talk on ‘Deaf Awareness’ following the business part of the meeting. There would also be time for new members to join and existing members to renew before the commencement of the meeting. Non-members were not allowed to attend.
  b) Agenda, Minutes and Accounts:   Anne would arrange for 100 copies of the Minutes to be printed at Lamberts. The Agenda and Accounts would be displayed on the screen on the stage. Anne would also have nomination forms for possible last minute nominations

Vacancy of Vice-Chairperson and new committee members:   Sue Simpson agreed to stand for the vacancy of Vice-Chairperson for 12 months only without any expectation that she should become the Chairperson; One U3A member had offered to stand for committee and the nomination form had been completed. Anne will contact another member who had offered to stand; Chris agreed to stand for a second three year term on the committee.

AOB: Ian mentioned that Ashbourne, Derbyshire U3A Walkers Group had contacted Nita and was visiting Settle from 10th to 12th October. They had said they were very impressed with our website. There would be 17 walkers who were staying at the Falcon Hotel. Nita has arranged to show them around Settle meeting at 3 pm on the 10th and the committee were welcome to join this group. It was also suggested that if the weather was very bad on Thursday, the 12th they could come along to our Monthly Meeting;

Résumé U3A minutes July 2017

Deaf Awareness: Debi said that she had contacted Sue Simms who already runs a deaf awareness group of approximately eight people at Limestone View. Sue said that she may help but that the venue was ultra-important. Ian suggested that the AGM be extended and for Debi to talk on this subject for 15 minutes following the general business. Debi agreed to do this;

Leaflet Update: The draft Leaflet was approved with one or two amendments and 400 would be ordered from the printers

Welfare Policy Statement: Anne had circulated this document with the agenda and Chris C had sent out her suggested amendments. These were agreed and Anne

Group Co-ordinator’s Report:
Debi reported that:
i)The new Weekenders’ Group would hold an inaugural meeting in September;
ii)A new Dance Exercise Group would start with two taster sessions in September and if popular commence from October onwards. As this leader lives in Lancashire Debi asked if she should be made an honorary member. It was decided to leave and see how it goes;
iii)The Yoga Group would not be running this year;
iv)Pilates - Debi had a meeting with a Pilates instructor who had offered a taster session for interested U3A members at the Friends Meeting House. Following this she would charge £8 per session. John suggested putting the details in the next Newsletter as a “health benefit.” This would not be run under the auspices of the U3A;
v)There would be no Advanced Spanish classes this year.

Membership Secretary’s Report:
Keith W reported that:
i)There were eight renewals and four had joined in April. Membership remained at 363;
ii)He had some renewal / joining forms from last year and would arrange for more to be printed for the August and September meetings;
iii)He said that Paul had been very good with the test website. Paul and Keith will run with what they’ve got and go live this week. The online registration was disabled at present but would go live after the August meeting. Keith also talked through the different methods of payment available. There is a calendar and group leaders can put in the dates of their sessions.

Feedback from June’s Meeting: The venue at the Methodist Church was very good. The speaker had no wi-fi and therefore there were no pictures. The talk was given 5.5/10. There were 47 members at the meeting.

Arrangements for Thursday’s Meeting: It was agreed to set out the chairs and tables “café-style” and see how this worked out. Front of house – Kath and Keith B. Teas organised. Speaker bringing his own lectern. Normal sound system.
Anne to display AGM notices and have Committee member nomination papers to hand.

Arrangements for August Meeting, Thursday, 10 August 2017 “Enrolments/ Renewals”:
Ian said that the separation of members’ renewals and group enrolments had worked very well last year and it was agreed to continue with this practice.
It was agreed to have a 10 am start with 11.30 am finish for membership enrolments and 10 am start to noon finish for group enrolments; and also to have directional notice boards.
Keith W had offers to help with the signing up in the Friends Meeting House.
Debi to let group leaders know the details and the hall would be available from 9.30 am onwards.
Anne to display AGM notices and have Committee member nomination papers to hand.

AGM – Thursday, 14 September 2017:
Time: Commence at 11 am with coffee from 10 am;
Slide Show: Sue would show the slides of members’ activities;
Agenda: Anne to circulate Agenda, minutes and Accounts and to have nomination forms for possible last minute nominations

Résumé U3A minutes June 2017

Harlow Carr Trip: The Harlow Carr Summer Trip had been enjoyed by all who booked.

Thursday Meetings: Discussion took place regarding the reducing numbers of members at the Thursday Meetings. The reasons could be the nature of speaker topic or general lack of interest in the meetings. It was suggested to lay the hall out to be more informal as in café style or to have more input into the topics.

Deaf Awareness: Ian asked if we should set up a Deaf Awareness Group as this issue affects Settle. There are a number of aspects with this regard and Ian said that Samina (Sheffield U3A) is happy to help us. It was agreed to take this forward and Ian would ask for people to come forward and set up a group and to find out how Settle District U3A could help. Debi also suggested this would be an interesting topic for the AGM in September.

It was agreed that members’ subscriptions and other charges should remain the same next year. Keith W commented that over a sixth of membership was new members and we are just breaking even.

Membership Secretary’s Report: Keith W reported that he was meeting with Paul C to set up links on the revised website. This was a trial website and would allow committee access. Keith would put this year’s group information in this website towards the end of June and get it up and running by the end of July for public. He said there was a calendar on the Beacon site and would be really useful for group leaders. He anticipated that most members would use the old methods of membership payments but that he would like to see committee members use PayPal.

Westnet - Saltaire Discovery Trail, Wednesday, 21 June, 6.45 pm start and organised by Bradford U3A – cost £5 pp including supper. Autumn Ceilidh, 10th November, in Ilkley - cost £7.

Feedback from May’s Meeting: Ian said the talk had been good and the committee gave the speaker 8.5/10.

AGM - Vice-Chairperson: Ian again asked for volunteer for post of Vice-Chairperson. No existing Committee Member expressed a wish to take up the position of Vice-Chairperson.

Length of Committee Membership: Anne passed round a document she had produced showing the number of years each member had served. She will now keep this and amend annually. John P said it should be added to the AGM Agenda.

Festival of Happiness: Ian spoke about the U3A Movement and Settle District U3A in particular. He said it had been a good festival and several U3A members were there. Ian said the photography slide show was really good and suggested we have it at the August open meeting.

Résumé U3A minutes May 2017

The Group Leaders Lunch had gone very well and seemed to have more leaders than previous lunches.

There were 35 people in the Castleberg Room at the last meeting of the Geology Group. The format of the layout was changed but the room was still overly warm. Paul has been given a list of alternative venues.

Ian had attended the AGM of the YAHR in Doncaster on 20 April. He said that as AGMs go it was good and interesting. The National President, Pam Jones, had attended and gave an overview of the U3A. The views and structure of the U3A was discussed and the general opinion was that no change was required. Ian also said that the meeting was good for ideas from other groups. There are two new groups in the Yorkshire and Humberside Region. Nationally, there are now 1,010 U3As with 364,000 members.

Ian also mentioned the possibility of holding a deaf awareness group. Debi said that there were such sessions being held at Limestone View and Jackie asked if anyone could join. Ian has a link with Sheffield U3A if anyone was interested and Debi said she would be happy to talk about deaf awareness. Ian will contact Sheffield and Keith B and the committee were happy to support it.
Keith reported that there were:
1 new member
363 members
4 new members since April

Keith said that he had attended the Beacon Conference in Birmingham and found it very useful. He said that there were 100 U3A groups using the Beacon system. The background and future was discussed. A software company was being used four days a month to find and fix bugs, following which they would improve the system.

Keith also said that he had set up the PayPal system of payment and would be revising the joining and renewal webpage which he hoped to complete by the end of May, beginning of June.

Westnet: Saltaire Discovery Trail, Wednesday, 21 June, 6.45 pm start and organised by Bradford U3A – cost £5 pp including supper. Autumn Ceilidh, 10th November, in Ilkley - cost £7

Grateful thanks were given to Chris C to pass to Les for standing in at the last minute at the monthly meeting and giving such an excellent talk on ’Garden Wildlife’. The quality of photographs was superb and very uplifting.

Thursday Meeting, 08 June: Ian paid tribute to the Methodist Church for fitting us in at short notice due to the General Election voting taking place at the Victoria Hall.

The U3A Summer Trip to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens – Thursday, 18 May: Anne expressed concern that the numbers booked were low (17) and asked Keith W to please send an email to all members reminding them of this trip.

AGM: Ian reminded the committee that he would be stepping down at the AGM. He said that Jackie had agreed to take over the position of Chairperson and therefore a vacancy of Vice Chairperson would need to be elected. He asked the committee to think of this vacancy and also vacancies for new committee members

Résumé U3A minutes April 2017

John reported that two members of Aughton and Ormskirk U3A have agreed to give their presentation at our Thursday meeting in June 2018.

Ian reported the new members’ meeting had been a success and the revised format of an introduction by the chairman followed by a general discussion before tea was a good innovation though if this format is repeated then new members should be asked for a specific time. Particular points and suggestions were as follows:
i)Possible new groups for; creative writing, photography, strenuous exercise and structured singing.
ii)Ian pointed out that group leaders were the core of U3As and asked for volunteers.

Anne reported only 11 people had so far booked for the Harlow Carr day and it was agreed to push for more attendees at Thursday’s meeting.

Anne reported that Hilary’s name is now on the U3A ‘National Roll of Honour’.

Jackie and/or Ian to attend the YAHR AGM on 27th April in Doncaster.

The Victoria Hall had been unable to accommodate groups on more occasions than usual, e.g. Yoga, Spanish and Painting had been moved and Family History relocated to the Friends Meeting House where the facilities were better. These matters were to be considered at rent review time.

Geology would no longer be able to use the main hall and Debi had supplied their leader with possible alternative venues for consideration. There was concern about the safety of proposed Archaeology field trips as the leader seemed unaware of risk

Membership is currently 362 members including 88 new ones. Beacon System running and Keith is ironing out teething problems so it will go live in time for renewals. Several advantages like allowing renewals from 1st April at £18 for 18 months but PayPal arrangements was not yet sorted despite establishing a new email address: settledistrictu3a@gmail.com. Keith had succeeded in getting a place on the Beacon Conference in Birmingham and it was agreed to refund his expenses.

The Westnet quiz had been a success with a creditable performance by Settle.
Two Westnet events were planned:
21st June - Walking Treasure Hunt based on Saltaire, cost £5
10th November - Ceilidh in Ilkley, cost £10
Settle to suggest Westnet has a website.
Settle to indicate it would be willing to host a Westnet event.

The Group Leaders Lunch was discussed. About 30 attendees including committee were expected and Debi had all the victuals organised. After most guests had arrived Ian would make short speech thanking the leaders for all their work and inviting them to see how the Beacon system operates.

Unfortunately the booked speaker on Bletchley Park had died but Kath had arranged for Les Chandler to speak on ’Garden Wildlife’. Bletchley Park had an outreach worker who would do a talk for a cost of around £100 if they could speak to a local school on the same day. It was thought this would be good to arrange on a future occasion with Settle College.

A significant number of printed newsletters are not being collected. Chris T is collating a list of persons who have failed to collect for a period of three months and will reduce the numbers printed if the total is significant.

Paul Cochrane is working on a redesign of the website and Keith W showed progress. There was general approval of the format but it was felt that the standard type should be Ariel 12pt and that the banner photographs might be modified.

Résumé U3A minutes March 2017

Ian would give a talk on Settle District U3A at the “Festival of Happiness”. This would take place at the Victoria Hall on 27 May 2017 at 11.00 am. Debi would send out emails to Group Leaders asking for photographs and Sue would organise them into a screen show.

John had contacted the secretary of Aughton and Ormskirk U3A and was awaiting final confirmation from them regarding their talk “Understanding Tomorrow’s World”.

Ian mentioned the WestNet Quiz to be held on Wednesday, 05 April in Skipton other Westnet Groups had all booked teams, apart from Settle. Chris C said she would go with her husband.

It was agreed that we should proceed with internet banking without the ability to make payments so John could see what was happening real time rather than having to wait for statements.

Arrangements were made for the Group Leaders Lunch to take place following the next Committee Meeting on 10 April. This would take place at Debi’s house and Ian would issue invitations to the leaders. There would be a choice of three soups, bread and cheese. Ian would give a short speech and there would also be a short demonstration of the Beacon System.

Keith reported that there were: 356 members, 84 new members and 13 new applications for membership. He said that he hoped to be running the Beacon system alongside the present system by May and hope to switch over to Beacon at the start of the new year in September. The Beacon system was quite user-friendly. He hoped to input the Gift Aid into it followed by PayPal. He would show the system to the Committee at the next meeting, prior to the Group Leaders.

Debi said the leaflet update could not begin until she had a better idea of which courses would be running next year. After discussion it was agreed to put the item on the May Agenda. David Hewitt Ilkley U3A was organising a Westnet Gilbert and Sullivan Study Day which will be held in Harrogate on Thursday, 17 August. It was agreed that Anne would arrange the trip to RHS Harlow Carr at Harrogate.

The talk at the February Meeting was by Richard Wilcocks on “Stories from the War Hospital”. It was agreed that this was interesting but not one of our best talks.

The guest speaker at April’s meeting Vernor Wheelock will talk on “Nutrition”. He has asked for a projector, screen, laptop and sound system. He is proposing to set up “Diabetes Support in Craven and asked that instead of a fee we make a donation to this.

Anne said that despite all efforts last year from the committee to the National U3A she could not find Hillary’s name in the “National Roll of Honour”. She said she would chase this up.

Anne suggested we should consider holding a WestNet Event. Members were asked to give this some thought and discuss at the next meeting.

Résumé U3A minutes February 2017

The details of the July Meeting had been omitted from the Membership Cards and these details would be put into the May and June Newsletters and also on the Website.

The date arranged for the new members meeting was to be Thursday, 23 March in the Friends Meeting House from 2.30 pm until 4 pm.

Notification of National U3A Summer Schools. These would be put on the website and the Thursday notice board.

Notification of Westnet Quiz Night to be held on Wednesday, 05 April at Swadford Centre, Skipton, 6 pm for 6.30 pm. These would be put on the website and the Thursday notice board.
Notification from Ian regarding Settle Stories "Festival of Happiness" to be centred on the Friends' Meeting House on Saturday, 27 May. The idea is to provide a platform for a range of voluntary organisations to explain what they do and how they do it. Ian has booked a half hour slot and has suggested we feature our aims and what we can offer.

Discussion who was responsible for sending U3A copy to the various organisations, eg: Craven Herald, Community News, Vibrant Settle, Judith Alinson's news sheet, Tramps etc. It was decided to bring this up at the next committee meeting for clarification.

Half of the printed newsletters had not been collected. Although some members maybe did not attend the Thursday meeting because of the cold, wet weather this matter does need addressing. It was suggested that Ian mention it in notices on Thursday.

Jackie had received a letter regarding a Wurlitzer Organ Group from the Northern Cinema Organisation in Bradford asking if our members would be interested in joining this group. To be mentioned at Thursday's meeting;

David Holdsworth gave an excellent talk on 'The Internet is not Magic'. It was a difficult subject and he did extremely well. The sound system was good.

John said he would progress the talk by U3A members from Aughton and Ormskirk "Understanding Tomorrow's World". Gill said she had had a cancellation for June 2018 and John would try to book for that date;

It was mentioned that Paul Cochrane had had to move his group to the Castleberg Room because Slimmers' World had left their products in the Hall from their morning session awaiting their evening session and the doors were locked. Jackie will speak to Ian on Thursday;

Family History had written to Jackie and Anne asking if they could use the sound system. It was agreed in principle but would have to be booked in advance and training given for the use of it. Or they could use the lapel system. Jackie to e-mail Eileen with the reply.

Also, there are some small issues with the timings of the Family History and Circle Dancing Groups.

Jackie and Anne to meet with Eileen, Margaret, Malcolm and Jean on 14 February to discuss.