How To Renew your Membership of Settle District U3A

We now have a system for renewing your membership on-line, and paying your subscription by internet banking.

This will enable people to rejoin without queueing up, and also mean less checking of paperwork by our membership secretary.

If you still want to fill in the old form, please following the instructions below.

If you want to renew on-line, please request an on-line form by clicking here, which will generate a mail message to request the form.
This slightly cumbersome approach is there to prevent people using the facility to discover addresses or phone numbers of U3A members.

How To Join Settle District U3A

To join Settle District U3A please print out and complete the Enrolment Form. When completed please return to the Membership Secretary with your cheque, or present it in person at the next Thursday meeting or the AGM.

Full details are on the form. If you have any queries please contact the Membership Secretary, Keith Waterson.


Gift Aid

Settle District U3A is now registered for Gift Aid. Basic rate taxpayers can benefit the U3A by making an appropriate Gift Aid Declaration. The necessary form is part of the enrolment form, both paper and on-line versions.