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Issue No 3/3 - December 2004



Dear Friends

This will be a very short letter this month. My main reason for writing is to wish you all a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2005- my goodness this century is rushing by!

I hope to see very many of you at the next Thursday meeting on 13 January.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Sincerely, Hilary

January 2005 Thursday meeting

At next month's meeting, on Thursday 13 January, the speaker will be Sheila Gordon. The title of her talk is "In the steps of Lady Anne".


If you have not been receiving your Newsletter regularly and don't get to the Big Meeting on the 2nd Thursday in the month, please arrange with me-or anyone else-how I can get it to you.

We have no permanent notice board so this is how you find out what is happening in the U3A locally. If you get your Newsletter late you may miss a chance to go on the outings, which are becoming very popular.

To get in touch with me, just ring 01729 822313 and I will ring you back. No need to leave a message-unless your number is withheld.

Alison Tyas, Quaker Garth, 21 Kirkgate, Settle, BD24 9DX. Telephone 01729 822313

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Cookery: At the 8 November meeting, we sampled seven soups. This was not as bad as it sounds as they were all different and the differences appealed to individual tastes. Amongst the selection, we had Stilton cheese, tomatoes and courgette, red pepper, chicken and vegetable and mushroom. We ought not to have been surprised to find that two soups made from parsnips and caraway seeds did not taste the same at all, which just goes to show how different flavourings, herbs and quantities can alter the character. We were all interested in Hilary's hand blender. These are so handy and are less cumbersome to use than a jug blender or a full size processor. Moreover they are reasonably cheap to buy.
On Monday 13 December, we come prepared to discuss and sample what to do with leftovers as well as compare different recipes for stuffing the Christmas turkey or duck, etc. KK

Exercise for the Third Age: We meet every Friday for 1½ hours of gentle exercises, stretching, relaxing, socialising and generally having fun. What an easy way to make friends and keep fit. We will meet next in the Victoria Hall on Friday 6 January.
[Additional report held over to next issue, for lack of space-sorry. Editor]

Heraldry: As our December meeting on 16 December clashes with the Buildings group talk and most of our members are in that group I have cancelled that meeting and we are all invited to join the Buildings group for the talk. The next Heraldry group will be on 20 January. Next Beginners Heraldry will be on 6 January. Hilary Baker

Line dancing: There will be no meeting on 16 December. We shall meet again on Thursday 6 January in the Victoria Hall. PLD

Looking at Old Buildings
: On 20 November a group of 16 visited East Riddlesden Hall for a guided tour of the two great mediaeval barns which are there. Our tour guide was the resident historian and although Jill had prepared us well, terms like king post and roof trusses become much clearer when the item is seen in situ.

The first barn showed how its structure had been adapted to function over the centuries with such things as animal stalls being added, alcoves for lanterns, stone-based supports for the timber columns. It was very sad to hear that theft of the York stone slabs has become a major problem.

In the second barn we saw how the shape of the roof had been altered to obtain maximum heat from the sun. Of particular interest were the English oak timber columns and roof supports, all renewed 12 years ago. The timber had come from trees blown down in the hurricane of that date which just goes to show that good comes out of evil and that the skills of those mediaeval craftsmen are still with us. Audrey Daykin

Next meeting: James Innerdale, northern director of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, will give an illustrated talk on the "Traditional Buildings of the Dales". Victoria Hall, Thursday, 16 December at 10.30am (a joint meeting with the Heraldry Group). Jill Sykes

Mathematical Puzzles-give or take: Our group meets on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, and so far we have had 3 sessions, at which it has become clear that solving mathematical puzzles can be stimulating, challenging and fun-and occasionally puzzling. Most of our puzzles have been published recently in New Scientist, but we have also had contributions from group members. One puzzle that we considered concerned three friends meeting for lunch in a pub. Perhaps there is scope for a joint meeting with another U3A group. The emphasis is very much on everyone feeling free to bring both puzzles and solutions, and to enjoy taking inspiration from the efforts of other-hence the title "give or take". Arthur Lupton and I take it upon ourselves to ensure that there is enough material to guarantee enough stimulus for each session. There is more information on the web site. David Holdsworth

Scrabble: Please note the December meeting due on Christmas Eve is cancelled. The next meeting will be on 24 January 2005. A Sheard

Self-Help Computer group: The group has gathered on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month this term-though the next meeting will be on
15 December. While we have 13 registered members, average attendance tends to be 5 or 6 which makes for easy and free discussion of topics relevant and pertinent to the interests of the members present. The Victoria Hall's digital projector allows large (4' x 6') presentation of a lap-top computer's screen and is a great boon in demonstrating techniques and procedures. We anticipate having the use of a lap-top belonging to one of the members from December onwards.

Most of the problems considered (we all have them!) are basic rather than exotic-various aspects of M/S Word could keep us going for quite a while yet-though digital photography looks over the horizon. There is room for more round the table if you are interested! GHP

Sunday lunch: Thirteen of us were present at the November lunch at Settle's Golden Lion, a number which did not prove to be unlucky. Our table setting was impressive, with candelabra and silver vases with fresh carnations, which would have not looked out of place at a wedding reception. There was a generous number of choices in each course, and the consensus was that it was good value for the price. Everyone enjoyed the food, but singled out for special mention were the rack of lamb, the game pie and the crème brulée with blackcurrant sorbet. The conversation flowed freely, and we all felt that the dark and miserable day had been made a little brighter.

The next lunch will be Sunday19 December at 12.00 noon (note the earlier time) at The Maypole, Long Preston. If unable to go, please ring Janet on 825449. Sheila Barrass

Theology: At the request of one member we came prepared to discuss the Apostles' Creed. George and Kathleen gave us some of the background to the three main Creeds of the Christian Church. Of these, the Apostles' Creed is the most used. It really came about to counteract heresy in the early days of the Church and converts to the Faith were expected to say the Creed out loud as a statement of their individual faith. In current Anglican and Methodist practice, candidates for confirmation/church membership say the Creed in conjunction with the congregation as a welcome into the fellowship of believers. As we expected, there was considerable divergence of opinion and a lively and interesting discussion ensued.

We meet again on Thursday 20 January 2005, when we come prepared to discuss our choice of a "difficult" saying of Jesus. GHK

Travellers' Tales: In December the Travel group were entertained by Alistair Pattern's travels in Central Mexico. For the January meeting on Thursday 6 January at 2.00pm we shall be staying in Europe, in Southern Spain to be exact, when Frank Pedley will take us on a journey around Andalusia and beyond.

Walking: Just a reminder about the Planning meeting on 14 December followed by a Jacob's Join lunch. Will you please bring details of walks that you would like to do in the New Year and if you can't attend send details prior to the meeting with dates of when you are available to lead walks. Thanks to everyone who has participated this term-sorry about the weather I will try to do better next year !! Shirley Wolfenden

Wine Appreciation 1: 18 November. An evening with Richard and Judy! We were presented with a selection of 5 of the 6 different wines supplied to the Richard and Judy "Wine Club" members (at a cost of £60, 12 bottles, 2 of each, average £5 a bottle). We sampled them in routine order: 2 whites, a rosé, 2 reds. All were from relatively small European producers and of 12½-13% alcohol strength. The group tend to have a marked predilection for red wines and this was again revealed in comments. The first white was "acceptable" and then appreciation increased progressively as the wine darkened! The last, a 2/3 Merlot 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon was voted "Best of the Evening". GHP

Wine Appreciation 2: We would like at least 2 more members, preferably 3, we welcome visitors from the other wine group. The next meeting is at 1 Cragdale Gardens on Thursday 23 December. Tel 825883. JAH
[Report shortened because of lack of space-sorry. Editor]

Coach Outings

We have had to cancel the outing to Manchester as we did not have enough bookings to make it financially viable.

These last few months have been a trial period to test the response from the membership. The first outing to Bakewell and Haddon Hall ran at a loss but was enjoyed by all who went. So are some of our members on holiday in September? Or should we have requested a smaller coach-smaller coaches are more expensive.

Twenty-four seats were booked for "Pygmalion" at the Ilkley Playhouse and we filled them all and a few members were disappointed not to get seats. The evening was very successful from all aspects, including the lights of Ilkley from the Cow and Calf car park, thanks to our driver David. We did not run at a loss.

Liverpool was fully booked, a 49 seater coach. We had 13 people cancel, for various reasons, but because we insist on payment when booking we did not run at a loss. If we have a reserve list we will refund monies. We did not have a waiting list for Liverpool.

We have booked a theatre trip for 27 January and will be taking bookings at the January meeting-"Blues in the Night", a matinée performance at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

No outing in February. Look out for a list of future dates coming soon.


At next month's meeting, on Thursday 13 January, the speaker will be Sheila Gordon. The title of her talk is "In the steps of Lady Anne".

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All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Sunday 2 January 2005.

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