Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 2/3 - December 2003


Having just enjoyed the most spectacular autumn colours for 30 years, I am sure we are all appreciating what Settle District U3A has to offer now that winter is upon us.

Watch out for new groups which may be starting in January.

May I remind you that there will be no monthly meeting in January-you will all have other plans for New Year's Day. Our speaker on Thursday 5 February will be Iain Oag from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

Seasonal greetings to you all from the Officers and Committee.

Janet Stafford


Please could all group leaders/tutors let me know if there is any change in their group meetings, dates, times etc from January. Music for All and Climate Change are not continuing. As far as I know, all other groups are.I'm still having trouble getting everyone's Newsletter to them. If you don't collect yours or get someone to fetch it from the Thursday lecture meeting for 3 consecutive months, I take your name off my list.I am very grateful to all those of you who do deliver some of the Newsletters for me.If you are not receiving yours and want it, a stamped, addressed envelope for each month will ensure that I send it to you.

Alison Tyas

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports to be sent in for Inclusion about the activities of their group.

Art Appreciation: Our recent study has focussed on "Pop Art in Britain".

Frank has certainly developed the course members' knowledge and understanding of this particular period of Art and then organised a trip to Salts Mill at Saltaire to view the original work of David Hockney (1937). The exhibition was enjoyed by all and demonstrated the large range of styles and techniques used by this famous artist.

Helen Ackers

Background to Travel: The next meeting will be on 12 January (Monday) at 2.00pm in the Victoria Hall. The theme will be Sicily.

Frank Pedley

Celtic Art & Design: This short course of 5 fortnightly sessions on a Monday afternoon at Valley View, Giggleswick, was planned with the knitter, stitcher and embroiderer in mind. Notes and examples of graphed patterns were provided for each of the sessions. The first session considered what is known of the pre-history of the Celtic peoples as they moved across Europe in the Bronze and Iron Ages, encountering the Greeks then the Romans en route and who gave us accounts of the talented, non-literate Indo European peoples, identified as Celtic by the art they produced amongst other things.

We considered the curvilinear and spiral patterns in particular in the early sessions before moving on to the history of the Christian Celtic period in Britain and Ireland. Then we studied some examples of the designs of the so-called Dark Ages, discussing how these designs and patterns could be used in knitting, embroidery and quilting. Examples of knitting and embroidery were shown and examined. Of particular interest was the Christian Celtic art on vellum, metal and stone (crosses) with particular emphasis on the knot patterns. Members had a go at tracing their own patterns from some of the books provided and learnt how to construct their own knot patterns.

For the last session, a slide show is planned featuring Celtic Crosses in Ireland, Wales and Scotland with particular emphasis on the designs carved and incised on each cross. We also discussed the possibility of organising visits to sites of Celtic or Anglian-Celtic art interest in the spring or summer.

Kathleen Kinder

Exercise Class: After giving up smoking, it is said, the single best thing you can do to keep healthy is to exercise. Exercise helps to lower blood pressure, makes the heart and lungs work better, helps to combat osteoporosis, and produces a sense of well-being.

Our U3A class starts with warm-up marching type exercises to music, to make the blood circulate and to increase the blood supply to the muscles. This is followed by systematic stretches acting on the joints of the upper body which are performed sitting down, and next muscle stretching to promote flexibility. We do a short cardio-vascular routine to stimulate heart and lung function and as dance movements are involved it also stimulates our mental processes! After this we are ready to sit down to concentrate on fingers, wrists, feet and ankles. We end with a dance type cool-down, and then a period of relaxation.

A break in the middle of the class finds us discussing health topics, such as healthy eating. One fact which surprised us was that the top cancer-fighting food is not broccoli, which comes in at number ten, but the humble prune (research by University of Boston, USA).

A suggestion to help arthritis sufferers goes like this: put a quantity of golden raisins in a jar, cover with gin, and leave open until the liquid in the gin has evaporated, then eat nine a day (source: medical column in Telegraph newspaper). Sounds improbable but works for some. NB in Switzerland juniper berries which are used to flavour gin are used to alleviate joint pains and injuries.

Echinacea taken at the onset of a cold is said to alleviate symptoms.

Our ages range from 65 to over 80, and we are a friendly group of differing abilities who meet on a Friday from 10.30am until 12.00. There is no pressure to push yourself, and if you don't want to do a certain exercise you just sit out. The exercises and easy aerobic routines which improve mobility and co-ordination are enjoyed by all, and after a few weeks we are feeling the benefits.

Monica Jenkins and class members

Heraldry Group: The Heraldry Group have a trip arranged to see the coats of arms in the Great Hall of Lancaster Castle. This is a great privilege as normally you only get a glimpse of them on the normal tour, but we are allowed to go at a time when the castle is closed to the public. If any other members of U3A are interested in joining us on this trip on Saturday 17 January (the visit starts at 10.00am) please ring me on 01729 840609.

This term we have so far had an illustrated talk on the heraldry of the Cliffords of Skipton Castle, taking the history of the Cliffords from the Norman Conquest up to the 17th Century. Also a talk by Mr Nigel Mussett on (a) the general sources he uses including those of special interest to this part of Yorkshire; he gave us a useful book list too, and (b) two fascinating case histories of local heraldry.

Hilary Baker

Literature Group: Bookshelf: I lost a library book on a station and found I cared enough to buy not just a replacement copy for the library but also one for myself.

A book for the start-up young, you might think-but in the spirit of the U3A also one for the never-stop-starting not-so-young. Because its author, Julia Cameron, is trying to get under-or round-the carapace of self-belittlement with which we protect ourselves, her way of putting things can be rather nursery-primitive at moments, but she has wise wise words and ways to help us come more alive.The Artist's Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self, by Julia Cameron. Pan Books, £12.99.

Wendy Jennings

Scrabble Group: The group is very short of members. Why not join and enjoy a game with us? We meet the third Monday in the month, 10.30am to 12.00 noon. The next meeting is on Monday 15 December. For further details ring me on 015242 51017.

Anne Sheard

Singing for Pleasure Group: The group meets every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.00 noon in the Victoria Hall. Singing is unaccompanied and the range of songs is varied, reflecting the individual tastes of the members of the group.

Participation in singing and giving each song the best they can is the goal of the members of the group, who know that singing really lifts the spirits and makes the singers feel jolly good.

The group is not a performance oriented choir and each individual member contributes to the meetings, bringing songs to learn, a range of musical skills and knowledge and enthusiasm for the task in hand.

The qualification needed to be a member of the group is a love of singing for its own sake, and the ability to have fun in the process of singing.

By the time you read this you may have heard the group singing at the U3A Christmas meeting - despite not being "performers". Hopefully you joined in and enjoyed the chance to take part, and, if you did, the group looks forward to seeing you at some of their future meetings.

Sally Wright

Sunday Lunch: We met for our November Sunday lunch at The Hart's Head, Giggleswick-obviously a popular dining venue. The pub was busy, bustling and friendly. Bar trade was doing well too-always a good sign.

There was an ample menu. U3A members are usually conventional Sunday diners, and all opted for carved beef or pork. As many of us live alone, a joint is not an economical buy, so it is always a favourite choice.

The service was speedy and we were soon invited into the small dining room. The table was nicely set, cloth napkins too and jugs of iced water-just the mustard and horseradish were missing. These were soon supplied when requested.Overflowing plates arrived-the beef first, accompanied by two large, puffy -5-Yorkshire puds. Our pork eaters were very disappointed, thinking they had missed out on this treat-but no, there they were with the pork too.

Huge platefuls of good, well-cooked food are fine, but can be overwhelming to older people. We know that this makes more washing up-but vegetables served separately would be much appreciated for it always seems sad to return quantities of food on the plates. At least Tilly, Pam's dog, benefits from our Sunday sessions. Doggy bags are very useful.

Most of us are slightly figure-conscious, but we weakened at the pudding menu. It included some old-fashioned favourites-delicious, and fattening.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at The Hart's Head, and thought it very good value for money.

Our Sunday lunches are such enjoyable social occasions and the conversation is always extremely lively. We were so pleased to welcome Margaret Clough from Clitheroe U3A as a guest, and hope she enjoyed her visit as much as we enjoyed meeting her.

Enid Parker

Theology: Dates of forthcoming classes are all Thursdays, as follows -

Walking Group: There will be a planning meeting for next term on 6 January at 10.00am for coffee for 10.30am start, at Smithy Croft.

Shirley Wolfenden

Wine Appreciation Group: For our November meeting Helen chose to direct our attention to South African wines and we were surprised to learn that wine production had been initiated in South Africa some 400 years ago and its products had been rated highly during the nineteenth century but had fallen to a nadir around 1920. A recovery was started with the crossing of pinot and cinsault vines to produce the "Pinotage" grape and its use has been successfully developed over the years to make very competitive wines by the 1990s.

We sampled two whites and three reds (selected on the advice of the 2 I/C wines at Booth's, Kirkby Lonsdale). Prices ranged from £4.49 - £8. The Springfield Estate, Sauvignon Blanc (12.5%, £7.49) was interestingly complex and greatly appreciated, though the Western Cape Chardonnay was judged to be very good value at £4.49. Two reds, the Goats do Roam and the Stellenbosch Welmoed Merlot 2002 were dense humdingers - and both under £5! However, the star of the evening was in fact a Pinotage 2000 (14%) voted as well justifying its £8 tally.

G H Pattison

U3A National Events and Notices

U3A Summer Schools 2004

School 1: Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 July
School 2: Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 July
at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Courses on offer range from Architecture to Setting Personal Objectives in Retirement. Bookings are taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Application forms from our Secretary, Roy Anderson.

Jazz Appreciation Conference/Study Day

The first Jazz Appreciation Conference/Study Day will be held on Saturday 20 March 2004 where the main speaker/performer will be Digby Fairweather, cornet and trumpet player, broadcaster and writer-presently
a member of The Great British Jazz Band and touring with George Melly.
The meeting will be in Reading, 10.00am-6.00pm, cost £8 (buffet lunch £6 extra).

Application forms from our Secretary, Roy Anderson.

Creative Writing Study Day

Tuesday 9 March 2004 in Harrogate.
No charge (but optional lunch £4)
Application forms from our Secretary, Roy Anderson.

New Range of U3A Clothing

All items are embroidered with the U3A logo:

Jerzees "539"Polo shirt-various colours @ £12 + £1 p & p
Uneek "102" Polo shirt-various colours @ £10 + £1 p & p
Uneek "201" Sweatshirt-various colours @ £12.75 + £1 p & p
Beechfield "B50" Cap-various colours @ £6 + £1 p & p.

Order forms from The Third Age Trust, 19 East Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1QH.


to sing with The Langcliffe Singers. Three plus performances a year-oratorio, opera, etc.
Rehearsals Tuesday evenings in Settle during term time. For fuller information, ring Val Baulard on 01729 822195


Collection of Ribbon Plates and Pierced Edge Plates, all "A Present from ….." Pictorial souvenirs, made in Germany, all pre-1914. Ring 01729 823902


Published by Ian Allen in1966. Inscribed by Bishop Eric Treacy.
1st Edition, complete with original dust jacket. Good condition. £15.00 Ring 01729 823902

Settle District U3A can claim money back on subscriptions if income tax paying members sign a Gift Aid Declaration. Forms will be available at the 5 February Thursday meeting from the Treasurer, Shirley Wolfenden-so please ensure that you complete one!

Group Leaders' Meeting

All Group Leaders are invited to a meeting at 10.00am on Thursday 5 February (ie before the Thursday Lecture Meeting) in the Victoria Hall.Chairman and Groups Organiser

Proposed U3A French Circle

If you have some knowledge of French but feel a lack of opportunity to practise it, would you like to explore thesetting-up of a mutually supportive group? Perhaps this could meet fortnightly, starting in January.

Please contactAlison Tyas-01729 822313, Anne Richer 01729 824147 or Olwyn Bolger 01729 823525

Possible Theatre Group

Would anyone be interested in joininga group to make visits to theatres in the surrounding areas?

If so, please let any member of the Committee know so that we can get an idea of the likely support.

Monthly meetings

January: There will be no meeting in January.

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the February issue (there will be no January issue) should reach the Editor
(Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Thursday 29 January 2004

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The website address is and if you want to post a notice, please contact Frank Woodhams on or phone 01729 824458.