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Issue No 3/5 - February 2005



Dear Friends

A very short letter this month. As you will see elsewhere in the Newsletter there is a list of forthcoming speakers for 2005. There are one or two still to be arranged-although these are in the pipeline.

Now is also the time to be thinking of any changes you would like to see. New ideas for classes-could you offer to lead or get a class going in a subject of your choosing? If so, please talk to Alison or myself or indeed any member of the committee. It's your U3A and we would like to incorporate your ideas if at all possible. Don't leave it till August-it will be too late!

Sincerely, Hilary

March 2005 Thursday meeting

The speaker on Thursday 10 March will be The Right Reverend Ian Harland, retired Bishop of Carlisle.
His subject will be "In Their Lordships' House".


At the time of writing, Line Dancing will be in the Victoria Hall on 17 February, but back in St John's in 24 February.

Groups who meet on 22 February will be in the Friends Meeting House unless they arrange to meet in someone's home.

The Victoria Hall seems to be getting more bookings now and we have to be prepared to go elsewhere at short notice sometimes. You are very welcome to use the Friends Meeting House but you would save the U3A money if a member of your group is willing to have you in their home.

There will be a meeting for Group Leaders in the Victoria Hall just before the March lecture meeting (Thursday 10 March) at 10.00am. If you can't be there and have something you would like discussed, please let Hilary or me know beforehand.

Alison Tyas

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Great Thinkers: The impact of the thoughts of great men and women upon the actions of themselves and others is a fascinating exercise, and we have found it useful to "compare and contrast" (as examiners often demand!) those operating in similar fields. Did Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Mandela have the greatest influence on their fellow men? Of modern thinkers did R H Tawney (on equality), Michael Young (on meritocracy) or James Burnham (on the managerial revolution) foresee the future most clearly? Why was the erudite John Ruskin the darling of the labour movement?

Questions, questions …. With differing answers but with, one hopes, a greater insight into ourselves.

At the next meeting on 2 March at 10.30am we shall be conducting a similar exercise into the works of Jung, Freud and Adler. FP

Heraldry: The Heraldry group's next meeting will be on 17 February when we will look further at Corporate Heraldry. On l7 March Peter Marshall will be coming again with his wonderful slides. This year the subject will be memorials and hatchments. All are welcome.

Beginners Heraldry will not meet on March 3; the next meeting will be 7 April.
Hilary Baker

Line Dancing: Our numbers continue to increase as word gets around that exercise can be so much fun, especially when we are treated to a mini-exhibition by the three experts who come each week to assist us.

Please note the following dates and venues:
17 February: Victoria Hall
24 February: St John's Hall. PLD

The Line Dancing group photo

Looking at old buildings: Indoors again in January, this time for a talk on stained glass by the Rev Charles Trevor. As with many scientific discoveries, stained glass arose through experimentation. Our forebears found that when a variety of chemicals were fired onto glass the result was colour and so we have the rich colours of mediaeval glass to look upon and think about. The stories contained in stained glass are not only from the Bible but also relate events from early church history; wheareas with modern glass the stories are not so obvious but they do make you think. Well illustrated by slides, this was an enjoyable and informative talk.

Next meeting: Tuesday 22 February at 1.30pm. Meet in Grassington town square-open to people on the waiting list. Mrs Bronte Bedford-Payne who is a member of the Vernacular group of the Upper Wharfedale Field Society will take us round the village and show us some of the interesting buildings and their features. The walk will last approx 1½ hrs. AD

Sunday Lunch group: Last month we tried out another new venue. This time it was the Gamecock in Austwick. On a cold and wet January day the welcome at the Gamecock was very warm with a lovely real fire.

Opinion on the food was mixed. Beef and lamb were the choices for the Sunday roast. Some of the group who chose from the full menu expressed themselves as very pleased, especially those who chose the coq au vin. Vegetables were a little on the mean side-although when we asked for more they were forthcoming. Most felt the puddings were rather expensive for the size of the portion.

Next Sunday Lunch will be 20 February and will be at the Falcon Manor-12.30 for 1.00pm. Hilary Baker

The Sunday Lunch group photo at the Gamecock, Austwick

Travellers' Tales: From the heat of Andalusia in January we travel to the heights of Nepal on Thursday 10 February (please note the change of date) with Alastair Patten. On Thursday 3 March at 2.00pm we will return to Spain-to the North West, the so-called Costa Verde, with Frank Pedley. FP

Wine Appreciation group 1 - 20 January 2005. How well do our tastes agree with wine critics writing in newspapers? We tried to find out! The members were presented with five foil wrapped bottles and a list of comments attributed to the wines. After tasting each wine we decided which comment matched. There was a high (75%) correlation with the two white wines. We showed greater disagreement with the reds-55% for two of them, less than 40% correlation for the French Syrah. Obviously we are not as finely tuned to the subtleties of plums, raspberry and other "eager berries" as we need to be!

The find of the evening was Casa Morena Bedega Felix Solis-Veno de la Tierra-very much appreciated-and only £2.99.


The following are the speakers we plan to have at forthcoming Thursday meetings (but see the posters each month in case there have to be changes):

If you have any ideas or suggestions for whom you would like us to invite as future speakers, do please let Hilary know.


Coal-effect electric fire. 24" wide x 24" high x 9"deep. As new £35.
Contact Audrey Daykin-01729 82512

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