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Issue No 3/4 - January 2005



Dear Friends

Firstly may I wish every one of you a very happy new year, and a successful and peaceful 2005. It certainly came in with a bang this year-gales, rain, snow, so goodness knows what the rest of the year will hold for us all.

Most of you will know by now of the very sad death of Tom Hewitt on Boxing Day. Tom was our last Thursday monthly meeting speaker and a very entertaining one. I myself thought he was one of the best we have had. He will be sorely missed and our thoughts and sympathies will be with Peggy and her family at this very sad time.

I would like to put on record my very grateful thanks to Wendy Jennings and her readers and to Sally Wright and her singers for all the hard work they did for our December meeting. It was, once again, a great success. Thank you.

A new year brings new hope and new resolutions although by now probably many of those have already been broken! My hope for the new year is that Settle District U3A will go from success to success. After 2½ years we have a very healthy membership of about 175 so let us hope that 2005 will be another bumper year.

Yours in friendship, Hilary

February 2005 Thursday meeting

The speaker on Thursday 10 February will be Dr Malcolm Petyt.
His subject will be "Accent and Dialect".


I would like to draw members' attention to the notice board which is set up at our Thursday meetings. This, together with our website and Newsletter, is our means of informing members about what is going on. There you will find notes from central office, newsletters from other groups, minutes of committee meetings (see also the notice on the back cover) and, at the moment, information about two summer schools (if you would like to spend a week studying your favourite subject in an academic environment, these are worth considering). As a member you should be fully informed about what is happening and you might just find something of interest to yourself.

Roy Anderson

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Exercise for the Third Age: Monica has very reluctantly had to cancel these classes until the end of this year. She hopes to continue them at a later date.

Line Dancing: this group is continuing and the January meeting will be held in St John's Hall. New members are always welcome.

Looking at old buildings: The December class was indoors and we were privileged to hear a most fascinating talk by James Innerdale who is the Northern Officer for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Well illustrated by slides, we heard that this subject is about conservation and repair rather than restoration.

Direct quotes such as "Buildings are not set in aspic, they grow and develop"; "Layers of history within a building"; "Change and development"; and "We are the trustees for those who come after us" are perhaps the best guide to the content of a most enjoyable talk. The slides were varied some showing
incorrect repair, some showing sensitive and accurate repair.

It was also useful to hear more about the SPAB. Founded in 1877 by William Morris it is clearly fulfilling an important role in the field of conservation. AD

: During the last term the group discussed "Consciousness" and the relationship between art and science. The next session begins on 7, 14 and 21 February with discussion of "Sophie's World" and/or "Could a Machine Think?". A suitable reading list will be circulated in the internet and placed on the website. New members are always welcome and can be added to the circulation list by contacting me or any other member of the group. Roy Anderson

Recorder group: The Group will be meeting for the first session of 2005 on Friday 14 January at 9.30am in the Victoria Hall. We are going back to meeting weekly, and would welcome anyone who would like to join us. We will be looking at a varied selection from early music through to modern melodies. In the group we have descant, treble and tenor recorders. Pat Smith

Scrabble: Next meeting 24 January.

Self Help Computer group: Meetings are scheduled to be held in the Victoria Hall on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month again this term. The next meeting will be on 26 January starting at 3.30pm. GHP

Sunday lunch group: Next gathering Sunday 16 January at 12.30pm for 1.00 pm at the Gamecock, Austwick. Please let Hilary know if you're unable to attend.

Theology: The next meeting will be at 2.00pm on Thursday 20 January at George and Kathleen's house. Everyone is asked to bring a "difficult" saying of Jesus for discussion.

Wine Appreciation group 1: Following the U3A ethic, we decided to have a "do-it-ourselves" Group Annual Dinner this year. Ray and Shirley undertook to be hosts, and we divided up responsibilities for the various courses, nibbles and wines-and it all worked splendidly!

Elegante Sherry (£4.99) accompanied the welcoming nibbles. Australian Clare Valley Riesling (£6.99) teamed well with the smoked salmon and Villages de Côtes du Rhone-Sablet (£7.99) was a good partner for beef-and the cheeses. Brown Bros Orange and Flora Muscat (£5.99 half bottle) was sipped with the desserts and was much enjoyed-it being sweet without being heavy or syrupy. Cafetiered coffee completed the menu.

The healthy babble of conversation was maintained throughout and there were no complaints-except that the on-time arrival of the Stainforth taxibus seemed all too soon! GHP


Members will know by now that the minutes of the Committee meetings are displayed (once they have been confirmed) on the notice board at each Thursday meeting so that members can keep up-to-date on decisions that affect the running of Settle U3A. While much of the minutes is taken up with discussion of mundane day-to-day issues, there are sometimes more interesting things recorded. Do please make a point of looking at the minutes-otherwise you may miss something that concerns you, or on which you have strong views.

Just in case you haven't had a chance to look at the latest minutes, you may like to note two items of general interest:

- we now have a tape recorder, which is available for use by any group.
Contact Alison Tyas.

- George Pattison is now undertaking the role of Publicity Officer.
· the role of Publicity Officer .

- the role of Publicity Officer has now been taken over by George Pattison.

Recipe for January


See our website for article on Salt and Diet: KK

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Sunday 30 January 2005.

Settle U3A website

The website address is and if you want to post a notice, please contact Frank Woodhams on or phone 01729 824458.


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