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Issue No 4/4 - January 2006



Dear Friends

I have had some very complimentary feed-back from members who came to our Social event in December, although attendance was down on last year's event. Please make a note in your diaries and on your calendars for this year's party which will be on Thursday 14 December. The programme will be the same with some minor adjustments; Val Rogerson (Baulard) has promised to entertain us again.

We have received information on U3A Summer Schools. There will be one for the north at the University of Chester on 11 to 14 July and one in the south at the University of Gloucestershire on 18 to 21 July. Further details are available from Genevieve Moss (our Secretary) or myself.

Sincerely Janet

Attention all members!

The Settle District now owns 2 laptop computers and a data projector which can be used by any group. This equipment will be available at future Thursday meetings for people to see and try out. To book it for use in a group, contact George Pattison (

Meanwhile, we'd like to get a feel for the likely demand for it, and whether you'd need tuition first. We'd also like to know if there's support for an absolute beginners computer group starting next September-and whether anyone is willing to become the group leader. Again, please contact George about this.


Please make sure I know if your meeting is cancelled or re-scheduled.

For those groups using the Victoria Hall: I book the rooms as per the programme and can't alter the booking if I don't know you have changed it. It would be most helpful if you could also let the Victoria Hall know. That way there are 2 chances that heating won't be put on and chairs arranged only to find that the group never intended coming that day. Don't leave it to your leader, tutor, facilitator or money collector. I don't mind being told 6 times by 6 people.

For those groups who don't use the Victoria Hall: I also need to know how many times you meet as I have to be able to say how many sessions the U3A has had each year.

Line Dancing is sometimes cancelled or transferred to St John's Church Hall at short notice. You are a big group and I am not prepared to ring all of you. Please be tolerant (Edith puts a notice on the outside of the Victoria Hall door) or ask me to be sure to ring you.

Newsletter: If you have not been getting your Newsletter each month please either ask someone to collect it for you or call in at Quaker Garth when you come in to Settle. I will post them if you give me the stamps.

Attendance fee: When you pay your 50p for attending a meeting, please check that it really is 50p (not 45p or any other sum). I have recently had a few sums of money from groups that do not add up to a multiple of 50p and I don't want our Treasurer (or Auditor) to think I'm taking a commission for handling the U3A's money.

Alison Tyas, Groups Co-ordinator

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Art Appreciation: On 20 December we visited the "Creative Tension: British Art 1900-1950" exhibition at Rochdale. As one member remarked, "If this was on in London, we'd hardly be able to see the pictures for bodies". As it was, we had all the space and time in the world to enjoy a superb show-and it was free!

Our next meeting is at Victoria Hall on Tuesday, 10 January at 2.00pm. Our next visit is to Abbot Hall Gallery in Kendal on Tuesday 24 January; meet at the gallery at 2.00pm, sharing cars where possible. We will see "Morandi's Legacy: Influences on British Art". This is a rare chance to see work by Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), "one of the most admired Italian painters of the twentieth century, known for his contemplative paintings of familiar objects: vases, bottles and boxes, painted subtle combinations of colour using a narrow range of tones". The exhibition will also show work by contemporary British artists (Hockney, Cragg, Scott, Whiteread, Nicholson, Caulfield etc) with the intention of setting up "conversations" between Morandi's work and theirs. Full details at Frank Gordon

Cookery Chat: Because of holidays, a prior engagement and one member being unwell, numbers were down to 3 at the December meeting. That did not stop us from having an enjoyable tasting session and a discussion on the virtues of apples and pears, especially apples. We had all chosen to produce a form of sweet and each one was different. As we said in our discussion, apples in particular were very versatile and were often used in savoury dishes and in stuffings. KK pointed out that nationally amongst U3A Cookery/Food Groups there was much interest currently in Yeast Cookery for small households, including interest in making some of the different kinds of continental and other breads now so popular.

Not surprisingly, we have chosen Yeast Cookery as the topic for our next meeting at Valley View, Station Road, Giggleswick on Monday 23 January at 2.00pm. New members very welcome (tel 822444). Note: the recipe for the Focaccia breads we had at the Christmas buffet is on Edmund Kinder's web site:

Family History: In December we considered wills proven before 1858. Finding them can be very difficult and a good discussion developed as we shared experiences and problems encountered along the way. We meet again on 6 January. Audrey Daykin

Great Lives: On 18 January-two US Presidents who reigned during our lifetime: Franklin D Roosevelt, who was elected for an unprecedented four times, and his successor Harry S Truman, the hero of one of our number. Join us if you can at the Victoria Hall at 10.30am. Frank Pedley

Heraldry: The next meeting will be on Thursday 19 January at Victoria Hall - subject: "The history and heraldry of the Cliffords of Skipton". Hilary Baker.

Listening to Music: The meeting due on Monday, 16 January has had to be cancelled. The next meeting is therefore planned for Monday 20 February (ie the third Monday of the month, as usual), when Enid will present her selection of pieces for our delectation. PMS

Looking at Old Buildings: Next meeting: Thursday 26 January at 2.00pm, Friends Meeting House. An illustrated talk on renovating traditional buildings, by James Innerdale, whom we heard last year. JS

Sunday Lunch: the next lunch will be on Sunday 15 January at The Maypole, Long Preston-12.30pm. The February one will be on 19 February at The Falcon Manor in Settle-12.00 for 12.30pm. Hilary Baker

Walking Group: Details of the programme of walks are now available on the web-site or from me. Shirley Wolfenden

Wine Appreciation Group 1: The next meeting will be held in Janet's house on Thursday 12 January, when the wines will be selected by George and Elaine.


Click here for the forthcoming Monthly Thursday Meeings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for whom you would like us to invite as future speakers, do please let Janet Stafford know.


The Christmas Social meeting on 8 December was voted a great success. After the usual coffee, Val Baulard gave us a selection of popular songs while Ray Wolfenden conducted a quiz. Your editor (who as one of the quiz setters could not take part) is ashamed to say that not one of our learned organisation managed to get all the answers right - the highest score was 36 out of 50 - but it was fun. After that we had a Jacob's Join lunch; several people remarked that it's strange how Jacob's Join meals always seem to result in a good balance of savoury and sweet dishes, and that was the case this time- a really enjoyable and plentiful lunch, with the benefit of the bar for those who wanted it. All in all, if you missed it, you must make a note to come next year (and if you were there I'm sure you'll not need any reminder).

Ray Wolfenden took charge of the questions

The winners! Maisie Holmes, Elaine Pattison and Enid Parker, seen here with their magnificant prize of a bag of mini-Mars bars.

Val Baulard entertained with songs.

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Sunday 29 January 2006.

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