Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 9 - June 2003



While on a train recently in Liverpool and sitting opposite two ladies I overheard a conversation between two lively mature ladies enthusing about the U3A. They had been on a local trip round Liverpool with a City Guide and were discussing about the impact the U3A had on their lives as indeed it has ours. When there was a pause in the conversation I told them a little about us. They belonged to the Formby Group and had 600 members creating problems with accommodation for meetings. This made me realize how fortunate we are to have the Victoria Hall.

For the July meeting we do have a speaker from Clitheroe Mrs Margret Shaw who will give us a light hearted talk "Brought To Book". Margret is Chair of the USA Clitheroe branch and afterwards there will be time to socialise between members.

Althea Shevill


(new title, same old person, same old job!)

Please could all the group tutors, leaders or organisers, let me have a couple of sentences describing their group/class/ course or whatever they like to call it, by the end of July. I need to know by the end of June whether your group is to continue on the same day and time as this year and if not, what alternatives you can offer.
Now is also the time for members who find a particular group difficult to attend to give me alternative suggestions (eg a walking group on some day other than Tuesday-which day?).

I shall be fixing the autumn timetable early in July. Your August Newsletter will have full details of the groups on offer ready for you to enrol at the September meeting (first Thursday in the month-4 September).

Alison Tyas

From the Groups

Recorder Group

This group has been meeting since January and we feel that we have made very good progress.- We can now play a good selection of melodies, even managing some in two or three parts. In the group of six we range from those who had no experience of reading music or playing a recorder, to those I who had played recorder at school many years ago but not touched it since. We have enjoyed making music together and look forward to
continuing in September.

We would welcome anyone who has played the recorder previously, however long ago. I know
of several people who have played treble or tenor recorder and it would be exciting to have
a long term aim of forming a recorder ensemble.

Pat Smith

Heraldry Group

Bolton-by-Bowfand visit Wednesday 25 June. Meet in Ashfield car park 9.30am. Suggestion is we have a lunch out together.

If anyone is interested in a day outing to Lowther Church on Thursday 24 July, please
let me know by Friday 4 July at the latest as I am away after that.

Hilary Baker

Jesus and the Gospels

This small group of up to 8 people met once a month. People are perhaps used either
to bible groups or to theological lectures, but this fitted neither category, so perhaps
members were cautious in signing up for they knew not what! The course was
advertised as a study which neither presupposed nor precluded Christian faith.

There were two or three introductory sessions-what is a gospel?; when and why did
they come into being?; how and why do they differ?; what did they aim to achieve?

There were two sessions on Mark, generally regarded as the earliest; and a session
each on Matthew and Luke, both of which are heavily dependent on Mark. As the
most distinctive of the four, two sessions were spent on John.

We met at the Kinders' home in Station Road, Giggleswick, where we were plied with
tea and biscuits.

There is an interest to continue in the autumn, possibly to think about Paul, his life and
letters, and how decisive his influence was to be on the church and Christian faith.

Kenneth Jennings

Philosophy Group

The Philosophy group has now ceased to meet for the year. Members' summer
commitments prohibited any sort of continuity and those present at the last meeting
agreed that this was the best option. The group will reconvene in September.

Roy Anderson

Sunday Lunch Group

June Lunch -Sunday 15 June
The Buck Inn at Malham-meeting there at 12.30pm,

July Lunch-Sunday 20 July
The Golden Lion, Settle at 12.30pm. As I shall be away, Pat (01729 823855) will be in charge.
Please let her know if you cannot
be there.

Hilary Baker

Background to Travel

The simple showing of slides may have had its day-except, perhaps for those captive audiences who can only express their neutrality by yielding to slumber, the level of which is the only indicator of success. This course (which perhaps should be called "foreground") starts in October, meets once a month, and tries to do something a bit different.

For everyone except those who seek only sun and sand (and why not?), the enjoyment of a tour of a foreign country (or even our own) is heightened by the knowledge of how the country works, how its geography affects the people, what place history has in the everyday life of its inhabitants now, what is the origin of its customs, and so on. The slide show which in most cases will follow, i& intended to put all this in perspective and to contribute to our understanding of it.

Whether you intend to go there, or are simply interested in knowing more about our world, your participation, including your experience, will be welcome. The places we shall look at will include:

Atlantic Canada, including Newfoundland; Vietnam; India's Golden
Triangle; Sicily; Scandinavia; The Baltic States and Russia; Cuba-
and, as the advertisements say, "maybe more". Details of day and time later.

Frank Pedley

Advance warning!

The July issue of the Newsletter will include information about the election of Chairman and committee, which it is important that every members should receive. Please therefore ensure that you make arrangements to get your copy.

Thursday Talks

The speaker on Thursday 12 June will be Mrs Barbara Lipscombe of Heysham. Her topic will be "How I came to live in sunnier climates".

At the meeting on Thursday 10 July the speaker will be Mrs Margret Shaw, and her title will be "Brought to Book" - the process that a manuscript undergoes from being submitted to a publisher to being on the shelves of a book shop.


Display screens
As you have probably noticed at the monthly meetings, we have now acquired two three-panel display screens. They can be used either separately, or one fixed above the other. If any group leader/tutor would like to use these, please contact Pat Dewey on 01729 823855. If any other U3A member would like to borrow them, a fee £5 will be charged (to cover insurance, etc during use/transit).

Settle U3A website

The website address is and if you want to post a notice, please contact Frank Woodhams on or phone 01729 824458.


In connection with our new website, the photographers among us are invited to submit photos on the theme of "Settle district" for possible use as the background. Entries should be submitted to the Secretary. The prize for the winner will be a small exhibition at the AGM and possible exposure with credit on the U3A website.

LPG Valor Homeflame Gas Fire. VGC. £50. Ring 840882

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Bra/show Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settte) by Thursday, 3 July 2003.