Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 4/6 - March 2006



Dear Friends

In the temporary absence of our Chairman Janet, it has fallen to me to write the "front page bit" for our monthly Newsletter.

March has been designated U3A Awareness month (see below) and we in Settle District are very much aware of our ongoing success. Not only isour U3A educational and instructive throughout its various courses, but it has also proved to be a valuable vehicle for social interaction, particularly for newcomers to the area. Thanks to all members for their continuing support and may we go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Best wishes, Ray Wolfenden

Craven District Council's Spring 2006 Area Forum Meetings

Olwyn Bolger has drawn attention to these meetings, the one for Mid-Craven & Ribblesdale being fixed for Wednesday 7.00pm on 29 March in Settle Victoria Hall. They are held to update residents about what's happening locally and so that we can make our views known-in addition this time, the advance publicity promises that there will be an opportunity for residents over 60 or with a disability to pick up their free travel pass which will allow free bus travel in Craven.


All U3A members are encouraged by Central Office to do what they can to help further the aim of telling others (whether potential members or not) about the Organisation. The message is "we exist, we are worthwhile, we are a choice". E-mail or write to the Prime Minister, MP, Councillors, the press, talk to people you meet-give personal testimony of the benefits of being a member, or direct attention to the website-click on "U3A awareness (at the top of the homepage) yourself too-then follow the links. Have you back copies of the U3A News? Why not leave them in waiting rooms for others to see?

Spread the News! GHP

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Our Computer Equipment

Several groups have made use of the recently acquired (thank you "Awards for All") computers and projector, and have appreciated the quality of the presentations made possible. The two computer groups, Computer Programming and the Self-Help Group, use them regularly as might be expected, as do the Art and Philosophy groups, but perhaps there are other groups which could use the equipment advantageously. It presents "slide shows" very well and with flexibility as we have all seen when used by some visiting speakers at General Meetings. It can also be used to develop work, examine and alter passages of script and texts as you wish, live-and large enough for all to see clearly. It would be surprising if there is any group which doesn't contain someone who could operate the machines. If you have problems or ideas on this subject, please raise them with a member of the Committee or myself.

Are there members who would like help in getting started with using computers? We have a Volunteer Group Leader in the offing for a Beginners' Group. If this prospect interests you, please leave your name on the computer at the back of the Hall at a General Meeting or phone 822751. George Pattison

Art Appreciation: Thirty of us had a Grand Day Out at The Lady Lever Gallery, Port Sunlight, on 21 February. As well as experiencing the delights of the gallery and its spectacular collection, many of us braved the bitter cold to walk around the village itself with its fascinating range of architectural styles. There is a full account of the history of the village and its development over the years on the website at

Next meeting is Tuesday 7 March. Our next visit is to Abbott Hall on Tuesday 11 April-please note the change of date-to see the "Drawing Inspiration" exhibition. "Examining the role of drawing in contemporary art, this exhibition features works by some of the most important artists working today. Many of the loans for this exhibition are coming directly from the artists themselves, with some artists working on new drawing specifically for the show." See for full details. Frank Gordon

Cookery Chat: Although we were few in number, the members who came brought with them some interesting items of food to illustrate the theme of Pulses. We sampled each offering in turn and had the choice of a casserole with beans and lentils; two dips: one, a lentils with tomato and the other, a Mexican chilli, chickpea dip - the latter we ate with hot tortilla chips. There were two types of croquettes: one with butter beans, chilli and sub-dried tomatoes accompanied by a plum sauce, while the other was an Indian Dhal, made from lentils and spices and accompanied by a yogurt, garlic and mint sauce. In all, a very tasty session indeed. Our next meeting is at Valley View on Monday 12 March at 2.00pm and we bring a collection of favourite recipes to share. New members very welcome. Kathleen Kinder (822444)

Exercise in the Third Age: Whilst in our twenties, thirties and forties, it is easy to take our strong and supple bodies for granted, but the bad news is that ageing is an inevitable process. The good news is that it is possible to improve our bodies at any age.

This term we've been working on an area of the body that says to the passer by, here comes an elderly person-that is the upper back, which too often is pulled into a curve forward-the commonly called dowager's hump. This happens because of the pull of gravity, poor posture, weakened muscles and stiff spines, all of which pre-dispose us to having a bad back. BUT you can do something to lessen your chances of getting a bad back and improve your posture. Simple stretching will improve flexibility of the joints, will make the muscles stronger and more able to withstand sudden trips and jarring.

Cometh the cold weather, cometh the bad back-so watch out for Jack Frost and do something to help your back. Monica Jenkins

Family History: In February we shared knowledge about the way our forebears lived and looked at some of the detailed descriptons of their houses (rented or owned) which can be found in the field books of the 1910 Finance Act.; and at some of the relevant sections of local history books from the different areas in which they lived. We meet again in March which will be the last meeting of this group in its present form. Audrey Daykin

Great Lives: on Wednesday 15 March the spotlight will be on Winston Churchill. But was his greatness based on the achievements of a great general-General Allanbrooke, as one member maintains? Join us if you can at 10.30am in the Victoria Hall. Frank Pedley

Heraldry: The next meeting of the group will be on Thursday 16 March at 10.30am in the Victoria Hall. Our speaker will be David Krause, who will speak on "The Heraldry of Bradford". He should be an excellent speaker and anyone is welcome to come. Hopefully this will be followed in the summer by a visit to Bradford. NB there will be NO heraldry meeting in April. HMB

Listening to music: Our next meeting is on Monday 20 March, at Brayshaw Cottage at 2.00pm. Anyone is welcome to this most pleasant and relaxing group, but newcomers are asked to ring Pat beforehand. PLD (823855)

Looking at Old Buildings: Next meeting-Thursday 23 March.

We have been able to arrange a visit to Hellifield Peel. Mrs Shaw (the owner, with her architect husband) has kindly agreed to show us round at 2.00pm. There's no staircase as yet, so most probably it's only an external tour. Will members in the Settle area please meet at 1.30pm at the Swimming Pool car park to share cars; otherwise meet at the Peel. Mrs Shaw is only free until 3.00pm so we mustn't be late. JS

Sunday Lunch
: The next lunch will be at the Black Horse Hotel in Hellifield on Sunday 19 March, 12.00 for 12.30pm. There will be no lunch in April as Easter Day falls on the third Sunday. HMB

Walking Group-Thursday: 2 February. Yes, the mist was down but no, it did not rain! Long-distance views were absent but in their place were magical spectacles of hoar-frost-covered trees. It was, actually, quite a good day for walking. The chosen route led from Settle Swimming Pool car park up the old Long Preston road, over Hunter Bank, to Long Preston village. The return route climbed up past the old reservoir and the hidden valleys to Langber Lane, Mitchell Lane and the path through the fields to Upper Settle. A white stoat was spotted and a flock of golden plover and a hare running its March races rather early; very satisfying. All U3A members welcome on these fortnightly walks. O and K Bolger (823525)


Click here for the forthcoming Monthly Thursday Meeings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for whom you would like us to invite as future speakers, do please let Janet Stafford know.

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All copy for publication in the next issue needs to reach the editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle, email by Sunday 26 March 2006.

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