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Issue No 8 - May 2003



Welcome to this month's speaker Bill Mitchell, who is speaking on "Lakeland Authors". June will be our last month for a speaker until September. As July and August are holiday months the Committee are arranging something different so please watch this space. September sees us changing our monthly meeting to the first Thursday in the month so that more people can
come. To this end we shall have our Open Day and AGM on Thursday 4 September ending with a buffet lunch. Please put the date in your diary.

Althea Shevill


Are you interested in Church Architecture, Country Dancing. Celtic Designs, Scrabble, Local History or

These are some of the suggestions for new classes in the autumn.

Could you organise a small group visiting local churches and historic buildings, using their guide books (and the incumbent) to find out about them? No previous knowledge or expertise needed.

Even if your current classes have ceased for the summer, the monthly Thursday meetings will
continue and the Newsletter will be produced for each of those occasions. In August we hope to make it more of a social occasion and are considering holding it in the afternoon or evening. More details in future Newsletters.

Alison Tyas

From the Groups


When asked for a snappier title than Mathematics, I came up with the rather corny
Njoyable Xperiences with numbers. In mathematics at all levels N is often an arbitrary
number and X so often the unknown.

This was to try to convey the idea that it might well be fun to attend these sessions.
Initially only two other people were convinced of this, but there are now a further two.
Time will tell whether they remain convinced.

The aim was always to show some mathematical results that are not obvious, and often
downright incredible until you look more closely.

The original intention was to be something of an introduction to number theory, but it
turned out that we went straight to the study of the mathematics of Internet security,
which certainly is incredible until you look more closely. It relies on some
surprising properties of numbers. A lot of multiplying and dividing is involved, but we
use a computer to do the donkey work. A basic understanding is well within the reach
of those who have done O-level mathematics in the past, however distant.

We have just arrived at the Chinese Remainder Theorem, a puzzle first investigated by a
promiscuous Chinese mandarin in the 13th century. It is used as a key part of Internet
security, but it also provides a neat party trick for calculating people's ages. On the way
we also proved Format's Little Theorem, much, much easier than the famous Format's Last
Theorem, but perhaps even more surprising:

Choose any prime number p. Choose any number M less than p.
Calculate M(p-1) and divide the result by p.
The remainder is always 1, no matter what value of M you choose.

Put more mathematically: M(p-1) = 1 modulo p, if p is a prime number, and M is less than p.

Go to the maths group page for more detail-lots of it, including the party

David Holdsworth

Heraldry Group

29 May : meet at 10.00am in Ashfield car park for the trip to Gisburn
25 June :(NB change of date from original 18 June): meet at 9.30am in Ashfield
car park for trip to Bolton by Bowland. We shall have lunch out during this trip.

Hilary Baker

Music Listening Group

Fortnightly meetings of two hours duration since October with gaps for holidays and
illness have been the order of the day.

The music itself has centred around the inner core of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven,
Schubert, Brahms and Mahler with occasional ventures into Scarlatti, Haydn, Strauss,
Shostakovich and Orff.

Music being a personal rather than a peripheral activity, we have tended to explore
those pieces with which we can ourselves identify. Who would not experience joy in
Bach's D Major suite? Who, on hearing the Fidelio quartet Mir ist so wunderbar could
fail to sense the all pervasive harmony of being alive? And yet, could anyone avoid a
shudder as Schubert's Winterreise arrives at its icy synthesis? And those children,
paraded by Mahler in his Kindertotenlieder- might they be ours?

Any U3A activity, by definition, involves people of mature age who almost certainly look
backwards more often than forwards. Brahms, the great purveyor of nostalgia, can and
does help us here.

0 wusst ich doch den Weg zuruck,
Den lieben Weg zum Kinderland.

The way back to childhood is one we all have to travel. A USA class is as good a place
as any in which to do it.

Brian Birkby

Walking Group

Many thanks to everyone who attended the recent planning meeting. It was very
productive. We have decided to go a bit further afield during the summer months and
have a wide variety of walks on offer. Anyone wishing to join us is most welcome, no
formalities required. I must say we are pretty affable bunch and very friendly. It has
been suggested that walkers might like to bring packed lunches as we will be walking at
a more leisurely pace due to the heat of the summer sun!! Details of all walks can be
found on our website, or in Settle TIC, Age Concern or the Library.

May walks (CP indicates the Swimming Pool) Car Park:

May 13: Whernside CP 9.30am or Ribblehead 10am. Leader M Elliott Approx. 7.5 miles.

May 20: Local history around Airton. CP 10am or Airton Green 10.20am.
Leader D Hemsworth. Approx 5 miles.

May 27: Cam End to Ling Cill CP 10am. Leader J Rose/R Clarke. Approx 7.5 miles.

Shirley Wolfenden

Lunch Group

The May lunch will be at 12.30pm on Sunday 18 May, at the New Inn, Clapham.
This Group is now full-but would anyone like to start a second group?

Hilary Baker

Thursday Talks

The speaker on Thursday 12 June will be Mrs Barbara Lipscombe of Heysham. Her
topic will be "How I came to live in sunnier climates".

NB There will be no speakers at the monthly meetings in July or August, and the
September meeting will be our AGM with enrolment for the next session. Also note
that from September the Thursday meetings will be on the
first Thursday in the month, ie
starting on 4 September

Settle District U3AWebsite

This is (obviously!) now up and running, and the address is:
If you want to post a notice, contact Frank Woodhams on:

Display screens

As you will probably notice at the May monthly meeting, we have now acquired two
three-panel display screens. They can be used either separately, or one fixed above
the other. If any group leader/tutor would like to use these, please contact Pat
Deweyon 01729823855. If any other U3A member would like to borrow them, a
fee £5 will be charged (to cover insurance during use/transit).

Members' "finds"

For "mac" computer owners, from Pat Dewey.
If there are any "mac" owners who don't know of Holdens in Southport, you may
be interested to hear that when we went to them for help recently they were off
very helpful, courteous, pleasant and friendly. They are also prepared to give an
educational discount to members of USA"! (They are also a good excuse for a day
out in Southport!) For address and phone number, contact me on 01729 823855.


Two bike carrier tow bar
mounted complete with number plate
board, rear and break lights, £30. ,
Also Sunbird leisure gas barbeque
complete with fabric carrying case, £20.

Ring 01729 840882


Members are invited to advertise here free of charge. Just send the details to the Editor by the due copy date (see below)

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter
All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Krayshaw Cottage,
23 Duke Street, Settle) by Thursday, 5 June 2003.

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