Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 3/8 - May 2005



Dear Friends

By the time you read this all the "excitement" of the election will be over and our future-at least for the next five years-will be decided.

To U3A matters-a little more parochial. I am looking forward to our next meeting on 9 June when two more of our members-Arthur Lupton and David Holdsworth-will be talking on "Mathematics for Pleasure". I am certainly hoping they can persuade me of that pleasure. Maths was never my strong subject!

The outings are now going great guns after a slow start. Next month Beamish, and the Lakes in the autumn. Thanks to Janet and Shirley for all their hard work.

Sincerely Hilary

June 2005 Thursday meeting

The speakers on Thursday 9 June will be Arthur Lupton and David Holdsworth who will speak on "Mathematics for Pleasure".


We shall be holding a special event in Settle Victoria Hall on FRIDAY 10 JUNE at 7.15pm entitled


That's "WINE" because there'll be a wine-tasting, "LINE" because we'll have an exhibition of Line Dancing, and "CHEESE" because we shall be serving a selection of light refreshments.

Tickets (available (from Shirley Wolfenden and Pat Dewey) are £10 each inclusive-and hang on to them because the number printed on them is your entry to the free raffle.

Members' guests welcome! Non-members welcome!

Planning ahead

The committee is beginning to think about next session-especially elections for officers and committee members, a number of whom in accordance with the Constitution are required to stand down at the end of this session (though most can stand for re-election).

In the spirit of involving new blood after the first three years of Settle U3A's existence, we hope that some members will come forward as volunteers to stand for election in September. Please think about it-and talk to any committee member if you might be willing to give it a go.


All groups who meet in the Victoria Hall in the third and fourth weeks of the month will be across the road in the Friends Meeting House for their May meeting (16-27 May).

Alison Tyas, Quaker Garth, Kirkgate, Settle, (01729) 822313

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Cookery: For the April meeting we returned to a popular format. The four of us who managed to come prepared a "starter" and brought it for everyone else to sample. This time we kept off soups and the kind of patés we attempted on a previous occasion and were delighted with the variety which included smoked salmon and cheese on tiny savoury biscuits, to small half rolls covered with a sardine tomato spread and topped with cheese before being put under the grill. An unusual sweet-sour contribution consisted of half pears topped with yoghurt and cream cheese, while the mini-pancakes filled with a savoury ham and salami spread proved as successful as the creator hoped! Our next meeting will be a visit to Wensleydale Creamery on 11 May, leaving at 10.30am. We also plan another Safari Supper on 20 June. KK

Heraldry: Thursday 19 May-Kirkby Lonsdale Church. Meet in Ashfield car park at 9.30am.

Thursday 16 June-Appleby-again we meet in Ashfield car park at 9.30am.

Thursday 21 July-visit to York Minster. Travel arrangements to be announced. Hilary Baker

Great Thinkers: At the last meeting of this session on Wednesday 1 June at 10.30am Britain's oldest election candidate (!) Bob Leakey will turn his attention to Karl Marx, including Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto, and Frank Pedley will deal with Lenin's musings and practical decisions on the same theme. FP

Looking at Old Buildings
: Last meeting of the year Tuesday 24 May at 2.00pm in Friends Meeting House, Settle. Tea and chat about next year. Any photos from this year? Any ideas for next year's visits? Potential new members are welcome on 24th. JS

Scrabble: The group will continue throughout the summer. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month, 2.00-3.30pm. The next meeting will be on 23 May. A Sheard

Sunday Lunch: The April lunch was held at the Old Station, Giggleswick. There were 10 members present and it was pleasant to have the dining room to ourselves. The menu was varied but most chose to have the weekend roast, a choice of beef and pork. The puddings were very good and generous portions. These lunches are so good for people on their own on Sunday.

Sunday 15 May we visit the Priest's House at Barden Towers, 12.30 noon for 1.00pm. Helen Williams.

Travellers' Tales: Thursday 12 May at 2.00pm: we visit Petra-"the rose red city half as old as time"-and St Catherine's Monastery on Sinai, through the eyes- and slides-of Hilary Baker. The last meeting for this session will be on Thursday 9 June at 2.00pm. FP

Wine Appreciation Group 1: April 2005: Blind tasting again! We were presented with two whites and three reds and the information that most were new to us. Both whites (at £4.99 each) held interest, the Welmoed Sauvignon Blanc had complex and persisting flavours and the Vouvrier Chenin Blanc was sweet without being cloying yet had virtually no "nose".

The strong and unusual Helderberg Stellenbosch Shiraz (£3.99) showed "spritzig", rubber and cardboard and it was not generally appreciated-at first, but it seemed to become more acceptable with persistence. We were surprised at not readily identifying our established favourite McGuigan's Merlot (£5.49). The Siglo Rioja
(£5.29) was the find of the evening. GHP


The following are the speakers we plan to have at forthcoming Thursday meetings (but see the posters each month in case there have to be changes):

If you have any ideas or suggestions for whom you would like us to invite as future speakers, do please let Hilary know.


Are you recently retired? Are you reasonably fit? Does your car have a towbar?

Do you care about Settle Swimming Pool?

If you can answer YES to any two of these questions, you are an ideal person to help collect the paper. It needn't be every week but extra help is needed, especially during holiday times.

Please contact Arthur Lupton, Elizabeth Towers or me, Alison Tyas (01729 822313)

No collection means no money for the Swimming Pool!

A Year as national Cookery Co-ordinator

It is just about a year since I was coaxed and then finally persuaded to take on the job as U3A national co-ordinator for the Cookery/Food interest area. I still can't help laughing about how I found myself in this role, as I simply have no professional qualification to support my claim to the job at all, just plenty of enthusiasm, many years of experience of family cooking and above all, a willingness to experiment, create, adapt and use the recipes of others as an inspiration for my own. Looking back over the year, I consider it is my training as a teacher which has been of most use as I have sought to offer ideas and suggest ways to organise groups which have very different characters indeed.

The nature of a group depends on the interests of the members, how many there are of them, where they are in the country, the facilities available, the leading personnel and how they want to develop aspects of the Cookery/Food area. Most groups do some cooking (this could be Vegetarian) and are interested mainly in the practical side. A growing interest area is cooking for 1-2 people. One group started up at the request of men who, suddenly finding they were on their own, wanted to learn to cook for themselves. The largest groups (one of over 60 members) tend to depend on speakers or on members doing research on various aspects of Food and Nutrition, its science, history or culture, the relation of food to Health and Exercise etc. It is these more academic groups which seem to run out of ideas when they have exhausted all the local speakers and demonstrators. I have tried to offer support by writing articles on topics of interest, for example, "Salt" and "Cooking for Singles and Doubles" which Frank has kindly put on our web-site alongside my recipes, and to which I can refer people who are interested. I'm currently gathering together topics for research and which I hope to put together in an article for the groups which are asking for help. I quite often send an article or a page of notes, not on the web-site, as an e-mail attachment.

I try to encourage co-ordinators who are not online to find a member who will download material and print it out for the group. I now send out 23 quarterly letters, 19 of them by e-mail, 4 by "snail mail", to Cookery/Food co-ordinators mostly in the Midlands and South. There is one in Devon, one in Shropshire/Welsh Borders, one in Dumfries, (the only Scottish one) and two groups in North Yorkshire. Apart from ourselves in Settle, there is a Vegetarian Cookery group in Harrogate. We have been in touch and hope for more contact with our nearest neighbour, the Food and Drink group in Clitheroe. People do seem to find the quarterly letters helpful and their warm, friendly response makes my efforts worthwhile. My confidence has grown considerably, thanks to the encouragement I have received. Kathleen Kinder.

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Sunday 29 May 2005.

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