Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 3/2 - November 2004



Dear Friends

After a wonderful holiday enjoying the sunshine and cities of Andalucia I feel reluctant to face the rigours of the threatened awful winter. However I look forward to next month's meeting. So many people said how much they had enjoyed last year's offering on the subject of winter we thought we would repeat the idea and Wendy Jennings has very kindly offered to co-ordinate the presentation-this time loosely based on the family and Sally Wright has kindly offered music from the singing group. Anyone who has a contribution to suggest or would like to do a reading is asked to contact Wendy (015242 51455) by Monday 22 November at the latest. It should be good and will once again be followed by a "Jacobs Join" lunch.

I have now received our copy of "500 Beacons" the story of the founding and growth of the U3A, written by Eric Midwinter, which also shows the strong influence of our own founder, Frank Pedley on the organisation in the early days and right up to to-day when he has been asked to participate on the small group which will look at Regional Development. It is available for any member who is interested to borrow (contact 840609).


A gentle reminder: Please could all contributors note that the final date for receipt of Newsletter copy is printed each month at the foot of the back page. Items received after that date may in future have to be omitted or held over to the following issue.


Please, please, please could everyone tell me if a class is cancelled. Don't leave it to your overworked group leader/tutor. I don't mind being told 6 times. I do mind preparing for a group which was never intending to turn up.

Line dancing was great fun, I gather. They will be meeting in St John's Church Hall at 10.30am on Thursdays November 18 and 25. It is not too late to join this group.

Alison Tyas, Quaker Garth, 21 Kirkgate, Settle, BD24 9DX. Telephone 01729 822313

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Cookery: The theme for the October meeting was patés. Althea arrived in the morning with a newly baked loaf of bread which Kathleen with the aid of her Aga quickly turned into melba toast on which to sample the various patés which arrived for the meeting. There was quite a variety-cheese, chicken, ham and salami and various kinds of vegetarian, but no-one brought a smoked fish paté. The reason we discovered was that each thought the other would bring one! The meeting finished with a cup of tea and a homemade lemon cheese tart. The lemon cheese recipe was one Kathleen and Elaine had received at a Cookery course arranged by the WI some 35-40 years ago, which only goes to show that good recipes never die, even in this age of "fast food".

The topic of the next meeting on Monday 8 November, at Valley View, is Soups. We are still negotiating with the Clitheroe U3A's Food and Drink group when best to visit them. KK

Great Thinkers: Regrettably, owing to illness, the November meeting had to be postponed, and the same theme of resistance will be discussed on Wednesday
1 December at 10.30am in Victoria Hall. The members will be able to spice their Christmas holidays by reading seminal books by three thinkers on post-war society:
R H Tawney's Equality; Michael Young's The Rise of the Meritocracy, and James Burnham's The Managerial Revolution-all ready for our first meeting of 2005 on 5 January. But they may read none of these and still be welcome, as are other potention members too.
Frank Pedley

Line dancing: See "From the Groups Organiser" on the first page.

Looking at Old Buildings: On a cold, but mercifully dry morning in October a 20-strong group walked round Austwick looking at special features of 7 houses, 4 of which have dated doorheads. We looked at roof-lines, chimney positions, altered window and door surrounds, plinths and quoin-stones, all telling us something of the history of the building.

Next meeting: Saturday 20 November at 11.00am to be shown the timber-framed barns at East Riddlesden Hall, just out of Keighley on the Bingley road. The house is closed, but shop and restaurant open at 12.00 noon. There may be a charge. Please bring National Trust cards with you, if you are members.

16 December: 10.30am "Traditional Dales Buildings" - a talk and slides by James Innerdale. Jill Sykes

Sunday Lunch: In October, eleven members met at the New Inn in Clapham. Since everyone felt that the meal was a disappointment it was decided not to write a full report. However the conversation was stimulating and later coffee and cakes were enjoyed at Café Anne.

The next gathering will be on Sunday 21 November at the Golden Lion, Settle.
Saida Simmons

Travellers' Tales: Having been "On Safari" in Kenya with Brian and Helen Ackers this month next month on 2 December we will be visiting Mexico with Alistair Patten. This small (but select) group would welcome new members or indeed anyone who cares to drop in.

Theology: Roland Howorth, whose degree is in classics, led a very interesting session on the Greek background to some key New Testament words. It was a revelation to some that there are several words in Greek for the English word "love" and we need to understand that in some NT passages, as for example, John 21 v15-16, there are different nuances to be grasped when the words agape (Christian self-giving love) and philia (brotherly love) are used in consecutive verses. A lively discussion followed and we are very grateful to Roland for providing us with such a stimulating afternoon.

The next meeting is on Thursday 18 November, when George will introduce a session on the Apostles' Creed. GHK

Wine Appreciation Group 1
: 21 October 2004. We were presented with a South American evening-four wines from Argentina and one from Chile.

The two whites, Malambo (Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc, £3.99) and Argento (Chardonnay, £4.99) were both appreciated though the latter was judged to be worth the extra pound.

Two Argentinian reds, Argento (Malbec Côte, £4.88) and Alamos (Bernardo Grape, £5.49) were both rich and pleasing to drink-again it was generally felt that quality followed price. The Chilian "Casa La Postelle" (Merlot) was well oaked (2000), dense yet smooth, with a pleasing aftertaste. This was the extravagant treat of the evening-but at £12.99 but it emphasised the "good value" of the Alamos.

(The wines had been selected with much helpful advice from Booth's "wine man" John).

Wine Appreciation Group 2: We had our first meeting this month-only 6 of us, and Enid Parker came to make us up to 7, it was kind of her- and we then proceeded to the tastings.

The first, a Muscadet 2002, was a dry but melony tang, which reflected the area where melons grow in abundance.

The next was a red from Central Spain, Casa Merino, full-bodied oak-aged to produce a fruity elegant wine from Nenomesa. This wine surprised everyone, that delicious enjoyment came at £2.99 a bottle from Booths-recommended by the Guardian!

Last but not least, a Côte du Rhone Clages 2003 Vol 13. This wine was a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourdae which produce an aroma of black currant, evoking a mocha and chocolate note.

However, all agreed that the Casa Merino was a winner! We are looking forward to our next meeting. TM


Thursday 9 December in the Quaker Meeting House

With words and music on the theme of The Family: 11.00am (coffee from 10.30am)
To be followed by a Jacob's Join lunch at 12.00 noon




18 NOVEMBER: Bridget Jones "The Edge of Reason".

9 DECEMBER: "Notebook". A heart-wrenching romance with Gena Rowlands.


Coach trip to Manchester Christmas Market. See the flier enclosed in this Newsletter.

"Life Long Learning"
Would you like to train for a new skill?


TRAMPS (The Ribblesdale Area Moving Picture Show) requires volunteersto train as projectionistsand operatives. Contact U3A members on: 01729 825449 or 01729 823855 for further information.


The Quaker Meeting House is having a celebratory Open Day on Saturday 27 November. Regular users will be putting on displays and Settle Quakers are keen to show you round the new building. Do come and have a look between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Alison Tyas

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