Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 3/1 - October 2004



Dear Friends

As we start a third year in U3A I would like to say thank you to you for a second year as your chairman. I have enjoyed my first year and feel very privileged to have a second year in office, and now I hope to see another equally successful year.

Once again Alison has done marvels with her timetables (and not a computer in sight!) and has fitted all the classes in. The exercise group appear to have found a permanent home but she has some problems with the line dancing.

Interesting days lie ahead and I wish you all happy learning in the coming year.

I hope you enjoy our speaker this month. Stan Hall is the leader of Skipton U3A's very successful railways group-about 60 at the last count, probably more by now! Maybe a railway group in Settle would be an idea.

Next month (11 November) one of our own members, Tom Hewitt, will be our speaker. Hope to meet you there.


Session 2004-5

At the AGM on 9 September the four officers of Settle District U3A were voted back in for another year, and the two new committee members elected were George Pattison and Ray Wolfenden.

The full committee for the new session is therefore:

Ray and George

The two new committee members, Ray Wolfenden (wearing the sling) and George Pattison.

AGM on 9 September

A general view of the AGM on 9 September.

Membership figures

As at 11 October 186 members were on the books for the new session. This figure includes 24 members who have not yet re-enrolled and 36 new members.


Bird Watching: Meet on 27 October in Booth's car park at 9.00am. The next one will probably be in the spring!

Line Dancing: It is proving difficult to get this group started. We have a willing leader and keen members, but fitting it into the U3A timetable and finding a suitable room have proved more difficult than I anticipated. The first meeting will be in St John's Hall at 10.30am on Thursday 28 October.

Victoria Hall: From 21 to 30 October all U3A groups who would normally be in the Victoria Hall will be in the Friends Meeting House. At the time of writing, the new building is not yet ready but it may be by then, in which case you could use one of the new rooms if you want to.

Alison Tyas, Quaker Garth, 21 Kirkgate, Settle, BD24 9DX. Telephone 01729 822313

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Cookery Chat: The group is hoping to visit the Clitheroe U3A Cookery Group in November-talk to Kathleen for details. KK

English Literature: At our first meeting, under the able chairmanship of John Moss in the absence of Wendy Jennings, each member read out a poem that had great meaning to them. This produced a good variety of poetry ranging from Byron to Brontë by way of Longfellow and Robert Service among others. A good general discussion followed on what makes a poem memorable.

The next meeting, on 6 October, will follow a similar theme with members' choices of memorable extracts from literature.

On 20 October we hope Wendy will be back with us and we will start our programme proper with a study of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Hilary Baker

Great Thinkers: Having analysed "greatness", we talked about tolerance and resistance to intolerance. So at the next meeting on 4 November at 10.30am in the Victoria Hall we will be travelling along the different routes chosen by Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Philosphers (including political ones) will follow. Frank Pedley

Looking at old buildings: At a planning meeting on 23 September we arranged a programme for the autumn. The first visit will be looking at a few buildings in Austwick, meeting at the village "cross" by the church at 10.30am, Wednesday 27 October. We will be walking the length of the village street (and back). Please share cars if possible-only street parking available.

Future meetings: East Riddlesden Great Barn on Saturday 20 November, 11.00am. The shop and restaurant will be open at 12.00 noon. The house will be closed for the winter.

16 December, Thursday at 10.30am. James Innerdale will talk to us about Traditional Dales Buildings.
Jill Sykes

Sunday Lunch: 19 September saw 11 members of the group meet at the Maypole Inn in Long Preston. The food was up to its usual excellent standard with us all agreeing that the carrot and courgette soup was superb, and those who hadn't ordered it wishing they had.

After an excellent main course (most of us opting for the roast beef or roast bacon) we had little room for sweets although I'm told the bread and butter pudding was excellent.

My only criticism was the LONG wait we had before they took our sweet orders and even then we had to ask.

A plus point was that those who wanted a small portion of beef were able to have a child's portion and two who wanted a small sweet were able to share.

Next Sunday lunch will be 17 October at the New Inn Clapham at 12.30pm. Hilary Baker

Theology: The group held its first meeting (in the much-regretted absence of Kenneth Jennings), and arranged a programme up to Christmas:

Travellers' Tales: Having travelled down the Danube and back, the group will join Brian Ackers on a visit to Kenya at its next meeting, on Thursday, 3 November at 2.00pm in the Victoria Hall. Frank Pedley

Wine Appreciation Group 1: We were provided with the chance of sampling three offerings from the Sunday Times Wine Club-all reds. The Shiraz was generally appreciated (Vallum Ridge, 2003, £6.58) though the Rioja (Bodigas Primicia, 2003, £6.66) ran it close. Both were smooth and fruity while the third, a Cabernet/Merlot (Laborie Chasmont, 2003, £5.80) was well tannnined and had just a hint of butter.


As a second aspect to our meeting we were presented with a truly blind tasting of three "whites" (the bottles were enveloped in foil), and separate glasses were provided for intimate comparison to be made. Written estimates of grape, origin and value were declared-and no-one judged even the grapes correctly! They were in fact all Sauvignon Blanc from the Antipodes. The Australian Oxford Landing (cheapest at £3.99) was appreciated more than the two NZ products (£7.50 and £7.99). Not at all dismayed, the members vowed to continue with their earnest practising! G H Pattison

NB there are still a couple of vacancies in the new Wine Appreciation Group 2: ring Alison Tyas if you're interested.


On an experimental basis, a matinee for local U3A groups has been arranged for 2.30pm on Thursday 4 November. The film will be FINDING NEVERLAND with Johnny Depp, Julie Christie, Kate Winslett and Dustin Hoffman. No need to book, just turn up!


Don't miss the information given on the inserts with this Newsletter about the two outings planned for October and November. First come first served!

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Friday 29 October 2004.

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