Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 4/1 - October 2005



Dear Friends

Well here we are at the start of our fourth year with an ever-increasing membership, a new committee (with some new members) and Frank Pedley elected as our Life President in recognition of his involvement and achievement in the founding of this U3A.

I hope you have all had an enjoyable but not too hectic summer looking after grandchildren, visiting and having friends to stay, but also having a holiday. I have been on holiday (to our twin town Banyuls sur Mer) with three friends, two of whom I only met three years ago through the U3A. We had a great time-good food, wine, weather, scenery and company. All thanks to joining this organisation.

I look forward to this year as your Chairman with some trepidation, and will endeavour, with the committee, to maintain the high standard achieved over the last three years.



At the AGM on 8 September, Frank Pedley was elected President of the Settle District U3A for his lifetime. This was in recognition of his work in setting up and launching the Settle District U3A .


Several members appear to have sent in the £7.50 subscription without filling in the necessary enrolment form (a green A5 form giving your name, address, etc). This not only makes our accounting a bit difficult, but also means that we may have no record of you, so you will not be included on any membership roll and may miss being sent information and the copy of the U3A Newsletter sent out centrally.

If you haven't filled in the form, could you do so at the earliest opportunity?
Blank forms can be obtained from either Pat Dewey (Membership Secretary) or Alison Tyas (Groups Organiser).

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports of their group's activities to be sent in for publication here.

Looking at Old Buildings: At our September meeting, we were ably guided by Phil Hudson who pointed out so much of interest that we only managed to look at the Kirkgate area of Settle with its alleys and yards in 1½ hours. We have asked Phil to show us a further bit of the town in February.

Next meeting-sorry NOT Gledstone Hall. The entrance fee was deemed too high. Instead: Thursday 27 October at 1.30pm. We will look at Middleton Hall, a 15th Century fortified manor house, followed by a visit the the quaint 1675 Brigflatts Quaker Meeting House. These are both off the A683 Kirkby Lonsdale to Sedbergh road, and both lack much parking space. Please meet at Settle Swimming Pool car park at 1.30pm to fill cars. We should return by 5.00pm;. Jill Sykes (015242 51398)

Sunday Lunch Group: The next lunch will be on Sunday 16 October at the Copy Nook-12.30pm for 1.00pm. Please phone Helen Williams (824730) if you are unable to come. Hilary Baker

Travellers' Tales enjoyed the inspiring photography of Brian Akers on his visit to Turkey at their first meeting. On Tuesday 18 October at 2.00pm we will be looking at the less well-known county of Suffolk, with its exquisite architecture and its historical connections. New members welcome. Frank Pedley

Walking Group
: Would all walkers please note that the following changes have been made to the Tuesday walks:
11 October Malham to Settle will now take place on 13 December
and 11 October will be to Hutton Roof with Janet Stafford.

These changes will be shown on our web-site. New members are invited to send me their e-mail addresses on Shirley Wolfenden

Wine Appreciation Group 1: September meeting- One white and four reds this evening for a change, and all with obscured labels. The white, summed up as "all right-but nothing special", turned out to be "Old Tart" (French).

The first three reds were sampled together as far as glasses allowed. They had something in common-Shiraz was generally suspected-but they differed in chocolate, tannins and length, and had little in pepper. Interestingly they were all from S E Australia-and were Shiraz. The final red was a French Pinot Noir which was persevered with-but with many a grimace!

Details: Old Tart France 12% £2.99 *
Mirranda Bros Shiraz SE Australia 14% £ ****
The Black Stump Shiraz SE Australia 14% £6.66 **
Penfolds Shiraz/Cab SE Australia 14% £4.99 **
Koonunga Hill (on offer)
Bourgoigne Pinot Noir France 13% £7.49 -

(The star ratings are again based on totally unscientifically arrived at analysis of members' reactions.)

Cookery: Our theme at this month's meeting was Salads and we all brought a sample to taste. It is always a pleasant surprise to find such variety in "Jacob's Join" enterprises and Salads proved no exception. Each salad was unique and together provided a delicious little meal. Just about every conventional salad ingredient was included but we also had a special contribution from Barcelona as well as tabouleh from Lebanon. The theme of our next meeting on Monday 24 October is Preserves and we look forward to seeing how much variety that topic will produce. Time and place: 2.00pm at Valley View, Station Road, Giggleswick-tel 822444. KK

Exercise class: Wednesdays 10.30am-12.00noon.
The class always starts with a WARM UP which is usually a walk/march lasting about 5 minutes. This is followed by STRETCHES, then the main part, where we systematically work the different areas of the body, a short discussion period of a health-related topic which gives an opportunity to get to know fellow members, a cool down, and if time and demand allow, a short period of relaxation.

This term we are doing a lot for legs-balance, gait, flexibility and strength to try to combat the inevitable changes which affect the over 50s/60s to 80s, ie shorter steps, poorer balance, possibly poorer posture, poorer eye-sight etc. Monica Jenkins

Great Lives
: At the first meeting on 19 October, we shall be scrutinising the life and works of Karl Marx, and also of his disciple, Lenin. Future "Lives" will be decided by the group members. Frank Pedley

Family History: This has got off to a disappointing start due to low numbers. However we passed a pleasant hour or so discussing what we have done previously, present problems, and hopes for a larger group in the future. We agreed to meet again on Friday 4 November at my house Audrey Daykin

: Meet in Booth's car park at 9.30am on Thursday 20 October for visit to Kendal. Hilary Baker

Line Dancing: We reconvened after our summer break with a welcome influx of new dancers. Almost for the first time we out-numbered the "helpers"! By the second week we had gained even more new members. Clearly the word is spreading; it certainly is a challenging hobby as well as being so healthy and enjoyable. Keep on coming-we meet every Thursday except the 2nd in the month in the Settle Victoria Hall at 10.30am. PLD

Listening to Music: The first meeting of this group was held on Monday 9 September. It was agreed that we should meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 2.00pm and that the venue for each meeting would be decided at the previous meeting, so please check in your Newsletter for whereabouts of meetings.

After setting the format for future meetings members listened to some exerpts from Aaron Copland, including among others Fanfare for the Common Man and Rodeo.

Next meeting: 17 October at Helen Williams' house (01729 824730). PLD


Please would all members be sure to let Pat Dewey, the Membership Secretary, know of any change in their details-address, e-mail address etc.
Phone 01729 823855.


Members will recall that at the AGM last month there were no nominations for Vice-Chairman; it was left to the Committee to elect one. At its first meeting of the session on 10 October the Committee elected Hilary Baker to this post.

A word from the Editor to contributors to this Newsletter

Your attention is drawn to the fact that this Newsletter is published not only in hard copy to our own membership, but also on our web-site-which means that it is potentially accessible to everyone in the world. It has been pointed out that some contributors who have usually signed their entries with their name may not be comfortable with this.

The committee feels that there is absolutely no need for entries to be signed with names, and indeed it has long been the practice of some people-for various reasons- to sign with only their initials. Please feel free to do this.

And you may like to know that the only occasion we divulge our membership list - names and addresses - is to central office so that they can mail the U3A Newsletter direct to our homes.

If anyone has any doubts or concerns about this sort of issue, please talk to any member of the committee.


The following are the speakers we plan to have at forthcoming Thursday meetings (but see the posters each month in case there have to be changes):

If you have any ideas or suggestions for whom you would like us to invite as future speakers, do please let Janet Stafford know.

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settle) by Sunday 30 October 2005.

Settle U3A website

The website address is and if you want to post a notice, please contact Frank Woodhams on or phone 01729 824458.

To abscond: to "move in a mysterious way", commonly with the property of another.
Absurdity: A statement of belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion to tell you all they have to do.