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Issue No 2/1 - October 2003


Dear Friends

Thank you for doing me the honour of electing me as Chairman for the coming year.During the past year we have created a firm basis on which to build a thriving U3A, with a range of educational and allied social activities. Our success will, as always, depend on our members who act as tutors and group leaders to whom we are most grateful. As the months go by we shall be looking to extend our activities in various ways and we will always welcome suggestions and ideas from you, the members. It is this mutual aspect of U3A which gives the organisation its distinctive character.

I hope to meet many more of you at the monthly meetings.

Next month we have the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire to speak-now that could be an interesting meeting!

Hilary Baker

Monthly meetings

The speaker on Thursday 2 October is Mr Andrew Smith, whose subject is "Whither pyschology? Reflections from the side-line".

On 6 November the speaker will be Ms Della Cannings, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire.

Meals on Wheels

have sent us a desperate plea. They badly need a driver and deliverer for Friday rounds. If you can spare an hour between 11.30-12.30 please contact Bron Lewis: 01729 823629, The Bijou, Church Street, Settle.


About half of the groups have had their first meetings of the new season. The other half are all due to start in October.

Each group leader should have from me at their first meeting a list of members who signed up for that group with their phone numbers-or e-mail in some cases. This is a change as I now expect group leaders to keep their members informed of any change in plans rather than asking me to do it.

Two more groups could start in January:

I apologise for the muddle over the first walking group this year. In case like me you only read half of the notices, please note that all the Thursday Walks start at 9.30am. The Tuesday ones are still 10.00am as before.

If you have lost your list, you can see one in the Age Concern Shop, the Library or the Tourist Information Centre.

Alison Tyas

Groups Organiser
Quaker Garth, 21 Kirkgate, Settle BD24 9DX (01729) 822 313

News and Views from the Groups

Group leaders are invited to send in reports (or appoint a "correspondent" to do it) about their groups, for the information of the group members and /or the edification of the membership at large. NB please see the copy date on the back cover for the next issue.

Art Appreciation

This year we have combined the two groups so are meeting once a month, as one group, on the first Tuesday of the month. As a result of this arrangement we hope to have more visits to galleries.

As you read this we will have made our visit of this term, to the Euan Uglow Exhibition at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal.

Some members of the group have booked a special offer to the Monet: "The Seine and the Sea" in the newly refurbished Royal Scottish Academy Building in Edinburgh. This offer, at £57.50, includes bed and breakfast at a four star hotel in Edinburgh and ticket to the Exhibition. We plan to travel by train via Carlisle. If anybody would like more information, contact me on 825449.

Janet Stafford

Chairmanship, Constitutions and Committees

Do you find the prospect of being chairman of your local organisation a little daunting? What can you do? What should you do? Can you be too zealous?

All this and more in 4 monthly meetings from Thursday, 2 October at 2.00pm in the Victoria Hall. As group leader I will have the help of the Chairman's bible-by the late Lord Citrine. Come and be comforted!

Frank Pedley

English Literature

Information received that may be of interest-

- Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal (01539 725133): to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dylan Thomas' death a double bill of "Under Milk Wood" and "Fern Hill" (Friday 10 October at 8pm) both presented dramatically by Guy Masterton. Warmly recommended by the critics.

- West Yorkshire Playhouse (phone 0113 2137700; (1) "The Madness of George III" by Alan Bennet. On till 18 October. (2) "A View From the Bridge" by Arthur Miller. 22 October to 22 November.

Wendy Jennings


Our first meeting took place on Monday 8 September. There were 4 members present and 2 apologies for absence. It was agreed not to change the meeting place or times of meetings.

The group began by reading and discussing an extract from Plato's Meno. This addresses the problem of whether soul and body are two separate entities and of where knowledge resides and how it is acquired.

It is intended to continue in this manner by examining selected pieces from various philosophers-one at each meeting. In this way it is hoped to become familiar with some of the basic problems of philosophy. The next piece to be read is the beginning of Book Seven of Plato's Republic, which questions how far the evidence of the senses can be relied upon.

Future reading will come from the works of Popper, Ryle, Gombrich, Goodman, Wollheim and Kant. Many of the works are available via the web but intending newcomers should contact me beforehand to ensure that printouts are available. New members will be most welcome. Curiosity and a willingness to questions things are required but previous knowledge of philosophy is not.

Roy Anderson

Sunday Lunch

September found us travelling up the dale towards Ribblehead on a dank and murky morning. Our destination The Old Hill Inn at Chapel-le-dale. On arrival at a very unprepossessing-looking pub I did wonder what I had let us in for. Inside we were given a warm welcome and a real fire burning in the bar dispelled the gloom outside.

The first reaction to the menu was a disappointment with no "Sunday Roast" on the board. However the choice was quite wide although the prices were somewhat higher than at previous venues. After a long wait-we had been warned there would be a delay as the food is cooked to order-we went into the dining room where our table for 12 filled the room, and our food arrived. With the soup were delicious home-made rolls. The food itself was excellent, with the "duck eaters" particularly full of praise. I was a little disappointed with my breast of chicken. Portions were generous with plenty of fresh vegetables and potatoes. The sweets were delicious and looked like works of art with their spun sugar toppings. I will go again if only for the sweets! General consensus varied between 8 and 10 but as nothing is perfect we settled for 9/10.

Hilary Baker


Dates for next meetings (2.00-3.30pm Station Road, Giggleswick) -
23 October (Thursday); 21 November (Friday); 18 December (Thursday).
Kenneth Jennings


Our first outing this season was a Tuesday walk to the top of Pendle Hill. A group of 12 set off from Barley in bright sunshine, in fact much warmer than we had expected. The first part was a strenuous climb alongside the reservoir up to the path which leads to the summit. Whether it was because this was the first walk we had done for a while, or whether it was because it was hot, the way seemed to be quite hard. The usual stalwarts made it look terribly easy by galloping ahead but most of us found it harder. In fact there was a lot of discussion as to the length of the walk. However, I am pleased to report that according to the map it was indeed 4 .5 miles, despite feeling twice that. We all felt suitably pleased with ourselves when we got back to the car park and look forward to the next one which is on Tuesday 7 October, going from Hebden to Yarnbury with Dorothy Hemsworth and leaving Settle Pool car part at 10.00 am. A full list of all walks is to be found in Settle Library, the TIC, and the Age Concern shop.

Shirley Wolfenden

Wine Appreciation

The group returned to its normal venue (Tilly's house) for the September meeting. Janet Stafford and Enid Parker presented the task for the evening-sampling English Wines collected on their recent visit to Kent, specifically from Biddenden and Tenterden Vineyards. The red and rosé were generally deemed to be lightweight but the three whites were better appreciated, the Biddenden Ortega gaining most acclaim. We were interested in hearing statistics illustrating the resurgence of the wine growing industry in this country. There are now about 700 active vineyards (and as far north as Yorkshire!) and in a good year they can fill some 3.5 million bottles.

George Pattison

Elections for 2003-4

In case you missed the AGM, the committee for 2003-4 is:

Chairman: Hilary Baker (01729 840609)
Vice-Chairman: Janet Stafford (01729 825449)
Secretary: Roy Anderson (015242 51335)
Treasurer: Shirley Wolfenden (01729 840882)
Committee members: Pat Dewey (Membership Secretary) (01729 823855)
Christine Rose (01729 822553)
Pamela Servant (Publicity Officer)
Anne Sheard (015242 51017)
Althea Shevill (01729 823764)
Alison Tyas (Groups Organiser) (01729 822313)
Graham Walker (01524 261125)
Frank Woodhams (Webmaster) (01729 824458)
(U3A Website: www.SettleDistrict

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Can anyone donate to the U3A a portable CD player?
If so, please contact Alison Tyas (01729 822313)

Copy date for next issue of Newsletter

All copy for publication in the next issue should reach the Editor (Pam Servant, Brayshaw Cottage, 23 Duke Street, Settte) by Thursday, 30 October 2003.

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If you want to post a notice, please contact Frank Woodhams on or phone 01729 824458.

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