Settle District U3A NEWSLETTER

Issue No 2/11 - September 2004

This is the last issue of the Newsletter for session 2003-4, and as usual at this time of the year it is a little thinner than normal with most of the groups having closed down for the summer.The editor would therefore like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed items over the last twelve months-officers, group leaders and individual members. At the same time, the Committee would like to see more people taking part in producing the content of the Newsletter-we would like members to see it as their channel of inter-communication on anything that might interest fellow-U3A members. We should welcome short letters, articles, personal advertisements and indeed anything relating to Settle District U3A people. And of course, if you have any suggestions as to how the Newsletter can serve your U3A interests better-whether in content or in presentation-we should be only too glad to hear from you.Please do give this some thought, and let me have your ideas at any time. My address is as usual on the back.

Pamela Servant, Editor


Friday 17 September

There are still places available. Non-members welcome. Contact Janet Stafford (825449)

Anyone for line-dancing?

If you're interested in the possibility of a group being set up, let Alison Tyas know (822313)


If you want to join a group and have not signed up yet or given your name to me in advance, it is not too late. Just let me know which groups you want to join or speak to the group leader if there is one.

A few groups are full but most are glad to welcome new faces at any time and especially now at the beginning of our year.

There will be a meeting for all group leaders at the Big Meeting on 14 October. Hilary and I will be available to discuss any problems over coffee at 10.00am, before the main meeting starts at 10.30am.


To accommodate our groups we use spare space at the Victoria Hall, for which we pay a monthly fee. When no room is available you are normally offered a room across the road in the Friends Meeting House. You cannot rely on having the same room each time for your meetings.

Everyone except the leader/tutor pays 50p each time they attend a meeting. This is collected by a member of the group and supplements your subscription. This money goes to the Treasurer but can be put through my letter box if that is easier. Any further expenses are shared by the members of the group present on the day the expenses occur (photocopying, outings, hiring equipment, invited speakers' expenses-or heating and hospitality if in a member's home).

Most other "rules" are made by the individual groups as and when they meet.

NB The Victoria Hall will not be available to us at the end of October while the Opera is on but the Meeting House will be and it is possible that the new building might be ready by then.

Alison Tyas, Quaker Garth, 21 Kirkgate, Settle, BD24 9DX. Telephone 01729 822313

News and Views from the Groups

All group leaders are invited to arrange for reports (with pictures if appropriate) to be sent in.

Cookery Chat: The next meeting will be at Helen Williams' house in on 27 September and will be on a "harvest" theme: contact Kathleen if you're interested in coming.

U3A members may be interested to see an article on the relationship between salt and high blood pressure-it is currently on our Settle District website (see front page).

Heraldry: The last two outings for the heraldry group were very different from earlier visits which were mainly to churches. In June we visited Ripley, first going to the church where there were numerous examples of the heraldry of the Ingleby family including some very fine funeral hatchments. We then went into the castle (where we were able to negotiate a private party visit-just the 8 of us). The castle contains many examples of elements of the Ingleby coat of arms-such as the crest, the badge and the shield-but its chief glory is the heraldic window showing the marriages of 16 generations of early Inglebys including one showing a marriage to a member fo the Shafto family (of Bobby Shafto fame). We can strongly recommend the tearoom at the castle.

The July visit was to Bolton where we visited Turton Tower and Smithills Hall, both places suggested by Peter Marshall, one of our guest speakers. Turton Tower was quite delightful and had much more heraldry than I expected, mainly of the 17C, 18C and 19C owners. We then went on to Smithills Hall-also in the ownership of Bolton Council. Once again it contained some wonderful heraldry and also some well-illustrated family trees of previous owners. Again, a heraldic window, this time in the chapel, was one of the highlights. This showed the coats of arms (or shields) of past owners of the hall-also of Henry VIII during whose reign it was built. It also included a rare example of the arms of Archbishop Cranmer.

Even if you are not interested in the heraldry I can recommend a visit to both these building if only to see how well Bolton Council is looking after its heritage.
Hilary Baker

Sunday Lunch: On a perfect summer's day in August eight of us visited The Tennant Arms hotel at Kilnsey in Wharfedale.

It was fortunate that we had all chosen to have beef or lamb and vegetables from the carvery because five minutes after arriving, the hotel's electricity failed, and these were the only main courses available.

Each of the sweets arrived on an unusual and large dish-quite a talking point-and the lemon tart was particularly praised.

Overall, the meal was declared good value for money. The only complaint was that the room was too warm.

Because of the power cut, a trip to the loo proved to be quite an adventure, as it involved a dark passage-way and a dimly lit bar area, but the green, glass washbasins and the Irish mother's letter made it all worthwhile!
Celia Weigh

Wine appreciation: All the wines sampled at the August meeting were from Italy and Sicily-and new "finds" were made. Raised eyes and appreciative "mmm's" followed the first sips of Nivole Muscarto d'Asti. Only 5.5% (£4.99/half bottle), slightly fizzy, fruity, sweet though not cloying, it proved to be very "easy" drinking. The Inycon Chardonnay made a sharp contrast with quite complex flavours, including some harshness in the aftertaste (14%, £4.99). The first red was a meaty Chianti labelled Leonardo-and appropriately it was from Vinci. At £5.99, its tannins and lusty qualities met the preferences of more than a few in the group. The Inycon Nero D'Avola was noticeably smoother and well-balanced, a pound cheaper and a percentage stronger than the preceding wine. Pellegrino had previously been taken to be a bottled mineral water but in our final tasting this title was followed on the label by Marsala Superiore Secco. At 18% it was nothing like water! A fortified wine; we found it pleasantly full of flavour, smooth, fairly dry-and only £6.49.
G H Pattison

This month's recipe

(specially topical for those going on this month's outing to Haddon Hall)

Bakewell Tart

A Giggleswick version of the famous Derbyshire Bakewell Tart


Three-seater settee

Blue floral pattern, washable covers, feather cushions, in excellent condition. We need the space.
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