Settle District U3A Walking Group

January to April 2006




January 10th

Malham Cove Trougate and Watlowes

5 miles D Hemsworth 826902

January 19th

Settle Loop 8 Ĺ miles via Hunter Bark

J Rose 822553

January 24th

Wigglesworth Circular Meet at A Naylorís

At 10am† Ring for directions 840773

4 miles

February 2nd

Settle to Long Preston and return via Langber Lane† 8 1/2miles

O Bolger 823525

February 7th

Leck Fell and Ease Gill† 5 miles

M Cullingworth 823978

February 16th

Settle to Mearbeck.Return via river

6 miles O Bolger 823525

February 21st

Hazelwood Moor and Storiths 5 miles

D Hemsworth and M Cullingworth

823902†††††††††† 823978

March 2nd

Whernside A Tyas 822313

March 7th

Settle to Stainforth 5 miles

E Maudesley 840622

March 16th

Malham Circular 7 miles

C Rosier 830507

March 21st

Hutton Roof 4 miles J Stafford 825449

March 30th

Clapham to Moughton return via Norber

8 Miles A Tyas 822313


April 4th

Planning Meeting at Smithy Croft.

Coffee at 10.30am



All walks start from Settle Swimming Pool Car Park unless otherwise stated. Tuesday walks meet at 10am and Thursday walks meet at 9.30am. All decisions regarding viability of walks rest with the leader. All walkers must be members of the U3A.