Circle Dancing

Leader: Gillian Walton
Location and times: 2nd and 4th Fridays @10.30 in the Victoria, Main Hall

Anyone of any age or ability can enjoy Circle Dancing, no experience is needed. The dances come from all over the world and we have built up a wonderful collection with music from Greece, Eastern Europe, Africa, Israel, Russia and South America. Dances are always walked through first, some of them are slow and repetitive, others are quick and lively. It is a very friendly group

Summer Term 2016

The Dates for this term are:
April 22nd
May 13th and 27th
June 10th and 24th
July 8th

Spring Term 2016

The Dates for this term are:
January 8th and 22nd
February 12th and 26th
March 11th
March 25th is Good Friday so there will be no dancing

Autumn Term 2015

The Dates for this term are:
September 25
October 9 and 23
November 13 and 27
*December 4 (before the Christmas Social on December 10)

Summer Term 2015

After Easter the first Circle Dancing session will be Friday 17th April 10.00 - 11.00 in the Victoria Hall

Friday 24th April, there will be a visiting tutor to teach us Russian Dances, this session will be from 10.00 - 11.30 in the Victoria Hall. Members will be invited to make a donation towards the cost.

Friday May 1st will be the last session before the summer break.


Our last session before the summer break