Dance Exercise

Leader:Janet Rougvie
Times: Wednesday 2-3pm, Catholic Church Hall, Settle

Is it dance? Is it exercise? Is it what we'd all secretly love to try when we watch Strictly and Craig says "fabulous hips darling!"? Its all three!!! This group aims to enjoy the pure joy of Latin music and Latin dance moves, adapted an exercise class format. Ideal for those who already love exercising to great music - but beginners, non-dancers, and those with two left feet are particularly welcome. Just bring a bottle of water, your sense of adventure and a willingness to have a go. Well work on some basic steps from the likes of salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha.....then add some style as we go, and turn it into some fun dance exercise routines. There may even be a bit of tango or Charleston thrown in. You will always take it at your own pace so no pressure. You can either aim for your own personal calorie burn....or just enjoy the fun of dancing like we do when no-one's watching (safe in the knowledge that everyone else will be doing the same!)


You've been 'Tango'd!

Working on our flamenco - click on each photo for a full-size image.