Leader: Paul Cochrane      For details of the location and times please click on Programme for 2015/16

As you travel around this “green and pleasant land”, have you ever wondered why that hill is smooth and rounded, that one is stepped, another jagged? Even why there are hills in that direction and a valley or plane in another? Why are different agricultural practises being followed as you move from one area to another or why is a village located where it is? The answer is often GEOLOGY.

This year the group is going “back to basics” to look at the whole of geology in a more structured way with a series of sessions that build from the basic principles to give a picture of the geological mechanisms that underlie the landscape – urban and rural.


- before we start, I am not envisaging anyone will want to read all these! The intention is to provide some ideas to cover all tastes and needs. The books in each section are NOT in any specific order.


  1. Be very wary of books on geology published before 1980. So many changes in thinking have occurred since the 1960's renders older books rather misleading.
  2. Look for a good glossary - due to the rather fluid use people make of some geological terms, a glossary can be most useful.
  3. Always check there is an extensive index.
  4. When touring the country, look for local books on the scenery of the locality and its underlying geology. Not always too easy to find but invaluable when they are - especially when they provide walks which tend to identify exposures of the underlying geology, often difficult to find in an area with which you are not familiar, especially in non-coastal places.
  5. You may notice a bit of a theme in that the author Richard Fortey appears quite often. He was the Head of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, before his retirement, and I find all his books extremely well written in an easy jargon free style, comprehensive and full of fascinating anecdotes and insights.

LANDSCAPE - a lot of these are rather old - possibly not so important re landscape. Also, this topic is not my forte; others in the group are probably better able to advice in this area.




POSSIBLE ADDITIONS - in no particular order