Comparative Religion

THE THREE ABRAHAMIC FAITHS - Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Leader: Kathleen Kinder      For details of the location and times please click on Programme for 2015/16

Posted 17/06/2015

Basic computer skills required to access web-sites and print out email attachments.

Revelation, - origins and development of monotheism
Brief history of each religion, - harmony, division and conflict
Bible and Qur'an, - meanings of "Word of God", archaeology, translations, modern scholarship.
Worship,- its structures,- synagogue, church and mosque.
Pilgrimage, - Jerusalem, Medina , Rome, Canterbury,
Conflicts, Divisions and Persecutions within and without each Faith.-,
Attitudes to women, apostates, "non-believers", people of other faiths,
Dress, use of leisure, food, pets, arts and humanities.
Achievements of medieval Islam, Jewish contributions, Renaissance, Reformation,Enlightenment.
Religion in theocracy, liberal democracies, totalitarian regimes.

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